Raju’s Early 2015 OSU Wishlist

Hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday season, and that 2015 is full of joy, good health, and fun memories for you. In the spirit of a new year, I put together an OSU Wishlist for the early part of 2015. So, in no particular order, here we go:

 Ducks fall short in NC. I can accept UO having a Heisman Trophy winning (especially a good kid such as Mariota), but if the Ducks win the national championship it would be devastating. And not just because I work in Eugene in an office filled with some of the biggest Ducks fans you’ll ever meet. So go OSU!

Beavs kick off Pac-12 play with wins. Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams have turned in very impressive preseason campaigns, with the women climbing into the top 10 in the country, and the men winning nine games. So it would be great for both squads to keep the momentum going with wins over UCLA and Oregon, respectively.

Staff closes strong on LOI day. Some in Beaver Nation are panicking about OSU’s recruiting class in wake of Mike Riley leaving. But decommits are to be expected anytime a coaching change happens. That’s also why the Beavers will end up with some surprises themselves. Like hopefully, a certain 4-star LB on Sunday.

Gymnastics makes NCAA run. Lost among the hoopla (pun intended) of the hoop teams’ success is that OSU has a damn good gymnastics team. So I hope Beaver Nation continues to pack the meets and cheer them onto another postseason berth. You could argue that Tonya Chaplin’s program has been the most consistent, right up there with baseball.

Men’s Hoops make postseason. Whoever thought that was possible entering this season? But if the Beavers keep playing sound defense, making shots when they need to, and play well as team, who knows? They might just do better in conference play than expected, too, and sneak into a tournament. Even the ‘ol CBI would be a =huge accomplishment.

Women’s hoops tears up NCAA tournament. The OSU women made it the second round last season, so what can they do for an encore? How about go farther? They are a year older and have played some big games already this season. They are battle-tested and ready to shine on the biggest stage.

Andersen joins Twitter. This is the trivial wish. But in today’s age of social media, not having a Twitter account means you are losing the game, even when it comes to college football recruiting. So I hope a “Coach Andersen” account pops up soon, even if the new staff chef is the one who runs it. C’mon, coach… just tweet baby.

What’s on your wishlist this winter for OSU sports?

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