A Few Thoughts From Today

1. First of all, great work Ohio State Buckeyes!  My favorite part of watching you was realizing that is the style of football OSU will now be playing. Maybe not with a bunch of four and five star players, but a team that will have the same attitude and structure.

2. Second of all, my rooting for tOSU had no bearing on the actual result of the game.  The ducks just played a super good team with NFL talent all around.  They got five turnovers and still lost by 22.  I had nothing to do with any of that, good cheer or bad.

3. I wanted to give a shout out to the Men’s Hoops team for their stellar win against the Wildcats of Arizona. I am so proud of the effort these players are playing with.  It was so much fun watching them stay with Arizona, never letting them make a big run and getting timely shots when they needed them.

Ultimately, I am just glad this group of players that are so maligned got to experience this. To experience excellence and winning against one of the best teams in the nation.  Great work!

4. In addition to all the great things that have been happening in Beaver sports lately, I also wanted to thank Adam Masten for his great article. Adam was a great Beaver and has been super helpful for us. He really nails it on the rivalry article and has another gem coming up.

Go Beavers and 2015 already looks like a great year for OSU!

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