Game On!

Today is the end of the “Dead Period” for recruiting, a time when coaches cannot initiate contact with players, and it is going to be the most exciting final stretch in my time as a Beaver fan.  With a small class of committed players, a new coaching staff and new personnel needs to go with new philosophies, Coach Andersen and his staff will be hitting the road like crazy over the next few week.

Weekends will be filled with player visits and week days filled with airplanes, cell phones, tweets, Facebook conversations and the Beaver coaching staff trying to put together a great inaugural class for the Andersen era. New will unfold rapidly, and names will fly around the “interwebs” as people are trying to see what players fit the Andersen Era.

At the Official Candy Report, we will do most of our breakdowns after the class is signed and will make sure to update you as players commit. Unfortunately for us, there are far better methods for getting this information. On our links page we link to some resources, but this is the time of year where I really push my favorite recruiting sites:

1. BeaverBlitz: Angie Machado and her crew do a great job of getting valid and current information. They are well connected within the program and have a few posters that are able to give very helpful information. With the change over in staff, many people have lost contacts, but Angie is still in with all aspects of Beaver Athletics.  They are a subscription model, but at $10 per month (or $9 if you pay annually) it is MORE than worth the cost.

Click here if you are interested in signing up.  I have never regretted my membership, and you won’t either.

2. Pure-Orange has been around forever and is free. They have a vibrant community of misfits and rapscallions that are passionate about the Beavers. They also have a dedicated recruiting board that is updated daily by some very conscientious posters who take the time to scour the internet and post articles about potential recruits. Not everyone can rationalize paying for a Beaver fan site (or can convince their spouse that it is a good investment), so if you cannot, I recommend Pure-Orange. It is a fun place and you will find yourself getting caught up in some great Beaver silliness but also finding a lot of links to some really great info.

3. Building The Dam: I know, I probably shouldn’t be promoting a competing blog, but they have been around forever and really do a fantastic job.  I am there every day and always learn something new.  Also, AndyPanda is extremely objective and knowledgeable and I learn things about the game itself from him, not just the Beavers. If you go to two places every day, I hope one of them is here and one of them is Building the Dam.

Those are my three faves, but if you want a more standard news outlet, I recommend OregonLive. Gina Mizell and Connor Letourneau do a fantastic job covering the Beavers and really care about getting information out. While I am not a fan of the editorial department at the “O”, the beat writers are fantastic and worth your time.

Anyway, I want you all to come here and read our stuff and be passionate about The Official Candy Report, but in the next two weeks, there will be so much going on, I cannot recommend these few sources enough. Also, honestly, there would be no Official Candy Report without those three sites so I gotta give them the love. I cannot stress how crazy the next few weeks will be so arm yourself with good and accurate information because the rumor mill will be rampant and crazy until LOI day!

Let us know why you think we are a bunch of crap sacks... or if you love us. Or just want to say hi.