McGiven Offers a lot to be Excited About

No question about it, Gary Andersen has assembled a heck of a staff — one that’s experienced, energized, and diverse. While I am excited about the entire group, I am especially stoked about the hiring of Kevin McGiven as quarterbacks coach.

First off, getting McGiven to leave Utah State, where he was offensive coordinator the past two seasons, is a steal. I would’ve been fine with McGiven as OSU’s OC, or maybe even head coach. So for Andersen to land McGiven as QBs coach is awesome.

McGiven’s track record developing QBs is excellent, and this past season was a perfect testament his coaching ability. Due to injuries, the Aggies went through four quarterbacks (yes, four.), and still finished 9-4., which named McGiven its Quarterbacks Coach of Year, has an excellent breakdown of McGiven’s work.

One of the biggest issues I had with Mike Riley and his offensive system was how long it took QBs to get comfortable with the playbook. Outside of Jonathan Smith, it took them longer than OSU could afford. Can you imagine the Beavers with two great seasons of play from Matt Moore, instead of 3/4ths of season?

And lets be honest, do you think under the old coaching staff, the Beavers would’ve been able to win 9 games with their third-string QB, much less fourth-string one? Fat chance.

So that’s why I am looking forward to seeing how the QBs do under McGiven’s tutelage this spring and fall. If they develop well, it will foster much-needed competition, and push all the QBs to do better.

If McGiven as good as advertised, I think Beaver Nation doesn’t have to worry about QBs taking more than a season to flourish anymore. We should expect to see QBs hit the ground running, like so many other teams’ QBs have done against us.

Go Beavs!

One thought on “McGiven Offers a lot to be Excited About

  1. Beaverpigdog

    I’m excited for our QBs next year. I see a lot of potential. Riley and team recruited guys who could throw the ball. It seems some or all of our current set of QBs can also run. I expect Baldwin/McGiven to put together an offense that lets us play competitively with Michigan, after a warmup against Weber St. (assuming I have my schedule right). I think our collection of coaches is mind-bogglingly good. Add in the same group in basketball, and I don’t see any other Pac-12 team with the same quality top to bottom through those two programs. (*I know little about other teams assistant coaches.)


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