Wait and See Approach on Lockette?

Before I dive into this, let me be clear, I am excited about all of the coaches that Gary Andersen has surrounded himself with. That said, the one coach who was an “out of the blue” hire for me and left me scratching my head the most, was running backs Telly Lockette.

He’s proven to be strong recruiter already — having landed Taylor Thomas, Jay Irvine, and Kelvonnis Davis, all of whom hail from Florida, where he has extensive ties. He was the head coach for powerhouse Miami Central High School for five seasons, before becoming the running backs coach at University of South Florida in 2013.

However, Lockette’s college coaching experience (or lack of it) does concern me. Plus, the Pac-12 is a little tougher than the American Atlantic Conference. What if he struggles to maintain his pipeline to talent-rich Florida? While I think he can, convincing kids to move across the country can’t be easy. So it’s fair to wonder how often he’ll be able to to pull from that region.

To Lockette’s credit, Marion Mack rushed for 1,041 yards, nine TDs, and averaged 5.2 yards per carry this season for USF, so that’s encouraging. Storm Woods is primed to be “The Man” for the Beavers this year with the graduation of Terron Ward. So it will be interesting to see how he does under Lockette’s tutelage.

Overall, it would appear I am contradicting myself, which happens often. In all honesty, I think Lockette will end up being a great hire, and even if my slim fears are realized, I think Lockette will rise to the occasion. The bottom line: You can never have enough speed, and Florida has plenty of it — even among two stars. So here’s hoping Lockette continues to mine the Sunshine state well.

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One thought on “Wait and See Approach on Lockette?

  1. Building the Dam (@BuildingTheDam)

    I wrote when Lockette was hired that its his combination of successful experience both in Florida AND in the west that is important and makes this a good idea.

    Just importing a coach from Florida, or a player for that matter, to Corvallis, is highly likely to end disappointingly. The climate couldn’t be more different, and that includes not only the weather, but the political, social, racial, and economic ones as well. One isn’t necessarily better (or worse) than the other; its just a lot that is very different, and its hard to really grasp all that.

    A guy from Miami that had success in Pocatello will understand both worlds, and not only be better prepared to sell one to the other, he will be much better prepared to help make the transition work.

    Coach Andersen has demonstrated that he has a good grasp of some of these issues in how he has assembled his staff.


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