Favorite Thing About 2015 Class

There’s a lot to like about OSU’s 2015 recruiting class. The Florida pipeline, Paul Lucas, etc. Considering Gary Andersen and Co. barely had a month to recruit and put together a class, they did an outstanding job. And what stood out to me was that the majority of the players who signed are more physically along than a lot of OSU’s recent classes.

One of my biggest criticisms of OSU’s approach to recruiting dating back to the Erickson days is that it often relied on  undersized players needing to put on a lot of weight. This was especially true of offensive and defensive linemen.

The problem was that even after a redshirt year, many of these players still were under undersized. So sometimes, it was a two to three year wait for them to be ready. And usually, it came at a cost of losing some of their athleticism and speed. Even worse, some players never gained enough weight to be be as effective as they needed to be at their positions.

As a result it was hard to build depth when you were counting on something as unpredictable as putting on weight. Let’s face it, all of us know how hard it is to gain or lose weight. Some people, no matter how much they eat or work out, just aren’t able to make significant changes.

And programs like Oregon State can’t afford to play that waiting game, or have recruits not pan out because of that. That’s why I was stoked at some of the weights of this year’s recruits. Many of them don’t need to put on a lot of weight. Of course, they need to physically adapt to the college level. But at least they won’t have to worry too much about gaining pounds.

Here’s five examples of players that weight-wise are pretty ready (All heights/weights courtesy of BeaverBlitz.com):

  • Elu Aydon (DT): 6-3, 310
  • Treston DcCoud (DB): 6-3, 205
  • Christian Folau (LB) 6-1, 245
  • Simi Moala (DE) 6-7, 240
  • Taylor Thomas (RB): 5-8, 180

It’s encouraging to see, and I can only imagine what the 2016 class will look like. While there will always be players who need to put on weight, the less you have to worry about, the better. After all, the more you can bring in players who are ready to play, the more competition there is — and that’s always a good thing.

Go Beavers! (RW)

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