Quick Thoughts on Manuel

Way late to this party, but I wanted to quickly write about Kendal Manuel, OSU’s latest hoops commit.

First off, if you haven’t read about his backstory, you owe it yourself. Here’s a Montana Billings Gazette article from last December that goes into detail. Sounds like OSU got itself a very high character person who will represent the team, university, and community well. You can’t help but root for kid like him.

At 6-4, I like Manuel’s size. He needs to put on weight and gain strength, of course.  But the good news is the Beavers should be able to redshirt him with the returning players and other incoming recruits they have. Unless, he’s too good to keep of the court. That would be a cherry on top!

The fact that Coach Tinkle and Tres are familiar with Manuel’s personality and playing style is a huge plus. OSU can’t afford to waste scholarships because the Pac-12 just keeps getting more talented (Cal, Oregon, WTH!), so they need to sign players that can contribute right away or have at least high upside. So that Tinkle offered Manuel is a good sign. And I don’t care what state you are from, being ranked the No. 2 prospect means you have some talent.

And speaking of, Manuel appears to be a pretty darn good shooter and athlete. I really like his ability to penetrate. Once he gets stronger, I could see him being a more versatile version of former OSU hoopster Chris Stephens. (I think Manuel can get to the hoop and finish better than Stephens). Overall, I think in time, Manuel should fill the void left by Victor Robbins quite nicely.

Go Beavs! (RW)


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