Breaking Down The Beavers: QBs (Peter’s View)

Let’s be honest, most fans are dying to find out what the new Beaver QBs will bring to the table this year. For a fan base that is accustomed to seeing QBs struggle often in their first year as starters, the Beavers not only have all new options at QB, but not a single one has taken a live college snap. Raju did a great job breaking down the QBs in his report, so mine will focus on a little bit different aspect.

Who’s returning:
Nick Mitchell and Marcus McMaryion, both of whom are redshirt freshmen. – Stolen from Raju

Who’s gone:
Sean Mannion (Drafted in the 3rd round by St. Louis), Luke Del Rio (Transferred), Kyle Kempt (Transferred), Brent Vanderveen (Converted to TE), and Tanner Sanders (Converted to TE). – Stolen from Raju

New faces:
Seth Collins (Graduated high school early and participated spring practice.) and Darrell Garretson (Transferred from Utah State. Has to sit out this season, and will have two years to play two years.) – Stolen from Raju

Potential strength:
Beaver fans have long bemoaned the amount of time it took to turn starters into prolific passing machines and exceptional game managers under Riley. Especially, when they could change the channel to a team 37 miles to the south (yet seemingly light-years away) and see QBs coming out and dominating from their first snap. It gets worse when you see players like Solomon from Arizona take his team to the conference Championship. Or whoever UW or WSU throws in there setting records left and right.

So for Beaver Nation this year will be an exciting look at what it means to be a team with a smaller playbook, a simpler route tree, and more athletic signal callers — as well how simple wrinkles can pay huge dividends. The strength of this year’s QBs will be the ability to stretch the field horizontally and vertically all at once, while increasing tempo and being a mystery to defenses as  far  was where the ball is going. Simply put, diversity and simplicity will be OSU’s strength this year at QB.

Potential weakness:
Raju nailed this one. Experience is a huge issue with these players. The good thing is everyone who blocks, catches, or runs the ball will be experienced. The new QB just needs to practice enough that the plays and throws are automatic, and experience will take care of itself.  Just don’t expect the Beaver QB who walks out on the field against Weber State to play the same as the one that takes his first snap in a Civil War.

Way-too-early prediction:
Too many people are anointing one player or another as the starter. With the work going into this summer, the competition in passing drills, and the training in the weight room, it is impossible to know who is going to make the biggest strides. The reality is, big play ability will be a huge factor. The second reality is so will leadership. The player who provides the best chance to move the ball and who the coaches can trust to lead the team will get the call. Whoever can get the ball to the play makers and avoid mistakes will most likely get the nod, even if their own personal big play ability isn’t as high as the other QBs.

Mostly, the team will rally around the leader, and that is the part that the players are working on, earning it in practice, in the weight room, in study sessions, in the classroom, and in the way they push their teammates to be the very best versions of themselves. This will be the most exciting fall camp in recent memory because so much is up in the air and there is so much competition on this team that what we see will be unlike anything we have seen in years. That sounds like a lot of bravado, but you don’t make the team-wide strength and speed gains that they have without the internal changes that are happening.

As usual, Raju nailed it (don’t tell him I said that) by saying we shouldn’t count out anyone because this summer there have been winners and losers every day. We don’t always know who is winning until we see it ourselves.

Go Beavs! (PRO)

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