The Last Stand of Caleb Smith

I have always liked Caleb Smith. I think he is a great athlete, a good guy — and if you go to practice, he works really hard, blocking, running routes, or whatever. He is a very aggressive player who plays offense with a defensive mentality. While many in Beaver Nation will point to some of his mistakes (mistakes that are sometimes were more than just his supposed issues), I really see a lot of upside.

Unfortunately, last year, the offense was a mess all around and instead of being able to shine as a junior, he got washed away with the rest of the team in a mediocre campaign that led to a below .500 team.

This year is Caleb’s last stand, and by all accounts, he is taking it personally. Caleb is a 6-6, 265 pound force of nature that runs about a high 4.6 40. He is so dangerous in the seam or in the flat because not many people can cover someone that size. He is an instant mismatch against anyone on defense, and just needs the opportunity to get the ball in his hands and show it. Caleb is physically gifted in a way similar to Obum Gwatcham, so he will get looked at by NFL teams no matter what he does this year.

But that is next year, and from what I have heard around the team and those who have watched practices, Caleb wants to go out a champion at Oregon State, which will position him for the next step. I for one would love for Caleb to get a chance to show he is more than a handful of mistakes, but a legit, all-conference threat at tight end. We will see how this season plays out, but I would not bet against him this year.

Go Beavs (PRO)

One thought on “The Last Stand of Caleb Smith

  1. Building the Dam (@BuildingTheDam)

    Caleb is one of the relatively few players who “meet the eye test” as the saying goes, in that you (and opponents, even good ones) look at him and your first reaction is not “ok, I can see where we can do ‘this’ against this guy”, it is “this guy could be a real problem to deal with”. It’s easy to see why Coach Riley was so high on him, and why, despite the fact that virtually everything is now totally different, that’s one thing Coach Andersen feels the same way about.

    I agree, he could have a very effective senior season, and that would be a good thing for all concerned with Beaver nation.


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