What Will the Beavers Look Like? Offense

I’ve read a lot about the type of offense that OSU will run this season and what the breakdown of pass to run will look like. Many point to what Wisconsin did to try to predict how an Andersen team operates. Unfortunately, that is not 100% accurate as Andy Ludwig was the offensive coordinator there, and we now have Dave Baldwin as OC and Kevin McGiven as QB coach.

I feel the best way to predict what OSU’s offense will look like examine their past results and what these coaches did on at other stops of their careers:

Colorado State:
2014: 159 yards rushing/321 yards passing (link)
2013: 204 yards rushing/266 yards passing (link)
2012: 128 yards rushing/210 yards passing. (link)

Utah State:
2011: 282 yards rushing/178 yards passing (link)
2010: 178 yards rushing/168 yards passing (link)
2009: 192 yards rushing/246 yards passing (link)

New Mexico:
2008: 208 yards rushing/131 yards passing (link)
2007: 135 yards rushing/236 yards passing (link)

Michigan State:
2006: 129 yards rushing/227 yards passing (link)
2005: 201 yards rushing/295 yards passing (link)
2004: 238 yards rushing/221 yards passing (link)
2003: 97 yards rushing/270 yards passing (link)

Those are Baldwin’s four most recent stops. As you can see, there is a lot of variety.  Some years, his offenses rushed for 200+ yards per game and others they are passing for 270.  Ideally, I think Coach Baldwin would rather do both.

His Colorado State years may be the most pertinent to Beaver fans because Colorado State is similar in size and national stature to OSU — and it is his latest stop in the modern era of offenses and defenses. Obviously, his first year at CSU yielded results (338 yards) we don’t want to see at OSU .  Those yards per game coincided with a 21 points per game average and a 4-8 record.

Where it gets interesting is 2013, where the Rams averaged 466 yards per game, 36 points per game and finished 8-5. I honestly think that this was his best season offensively and the record should have been better, except for a reasonably porous defense. If we are rushing for 200+ and passing for 260+, we will win a ton of games.

2014 was a magical season for CSU because it had a better defense, and Garret Grayson had an amazing year passing. While the team was more pass heavy (and scored less at 33 points per game) this would still be in line with the desire Baldwin has to have a 3,000-yard passer, 1,000-yard rusher and 1,000-yard receiver. A whole mess of other players got in the game as well, as the Rams averaged 480 yards per game.

Utah State:
2014: 189 yards rushing/198 yards passing (link)
2013: 180 yards rushing/233 yards passing (link)

I threw McGiven’s stats in here to as a way to highlight the balanced approach he strives for as well. His teams will use their QBs in any way possible, but given the chance, they are going to be truly balanced. Recruiting and coaching will funnel the offense to this balance eventually, but as you can see in years such 2011 and 2008, Baldwin is not opposed to pounding the rock all day because of who he has. Conversely, 2003 and 2014 show he will pass the ball all day long if he has the team to do it.

As Beaver fans, this should excite us. Our team is not a West Coast or Pro Style offense anymore. It is an “offense that gets results for who we have” offense. Recruiting will not always favor the Beavs, so that ability to adjust on the fly and have the players to do it are going to go a long way for Beaver Football. No matter what we see this year, we as Beaver Nation, should be excited that these coaches are committed to, and have shown, that they will get the most out of who we have, not necessarily what the coaches want us to be. For a smaller market team, that is the biggest blessing of all.

Go Beavs (PRO)

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