What to Expect: Offense

Instead of a old, tired preview, we thought we’d mix things up and kick off the 2015 season by highlighting several things to expect this year from the Beavers. There’s no doubt it could be an interesting, but trying season. But at least, it should be exciting to see a new regime and system in place. First off, we’ll look at the offense…

Run, Beavers, Run. This ain’t your father’s Beavers anymore. Long gone are the days of 3,000+ yard passers and a vertical passing game. The 2015 Beavers are going to run the ball. Hopefully, in a pound-the-ball-down-their-throats manner. And they should often because the offensive line should be solid and Storm Barr-Woods and Chris Brown provide a nice one-two punch.

All Three QBs Will play. Ignore the depth chart. As it’s likely this will be an up and down season for the Beavs, especially on offense, Seth Collins, Marcus McMaryion, and Nick Mitchell will all get snaps. The key will be who can make the fewest mistakes, but still move the ball enough to at least keep the defense off the field for long spurts of time.

There Will Be Turnovers. Let’s be honest, when all three of your QBs have never taken a snap in a game and are still getting their feet wet in a new system, mistakes will happen. Beaver fans need to be prepared for errant throws, stalled drives, and inconsistent play, as well as interceptions and fumbles. Patience will be needed this season.

YAC. Due to the change in offensive philosophy, the OSU wide receivers may see their numbers drop, but that could be balanced out by having more big play opportunities. More play calls should take advantage of their speed and put them in space — so they can rack up more yards after the catch, something that seemed so far in between under Riley.

Red-Zone Warriors. While the Beavers may struggle to reach the red zone this season, when they do get inside the 20,they will be more efficient than they were in recent years. This coaching staff won’t overthink things or try to get too cute: their mission is to get points, no matter what it takes. They aren’t worried about it looking pretty, either.

What do you expect out of the Beavers’ offense this season? (RW)

One thought on “What to Expect: Offense

  1. Building the Dam (@BuildingTheDam)

    I’d be surprised if we see Nick Mitchell other than maybe in a mop-up role against Weber St. until after either Seth Collins or Marcus McMaryion gets hurt (which especially in this offense is likely to happen at some point). The Beavers need to eventually settle on either Collins or McMaryion, and even late in games that are out of hand one way or another, reps are still valuable for a newcomer, and to figure out which one to go with.


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