Today is Game Day

The last three months have been the busiest of my life.  As I prepare for tonight’s game, I will be splitting time between the game and the stage.  My band (which will be playing the next three nights at Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville) has been busy playing 18 shows in 21 days while work has been crazy and every weekend this summer filled with family fun and a dash of drama.

But now that is done and football is here.  I will take the stage twice tonight in my Brandin Cooks jersey and new Beaver hat and slew of guitars.  While I still have some shows, the pace slackens and work is easing up a bit.  The family gatherings are now going to be surrounding Beaver games and Birthdays.  Raju and I , though mostly mi amigo Raju, have been trying to get some good stuff out this week, our plans are bigger and better for the weeks ahead.  Look for subtle but steady changes in the design of the site. Look for Candy Reports to be there when you awake on Tuesday morning.  Most of all, look for the Beavers to be something we have not seen in a few years.  Different.

I don’t know what to expect.  Watching Michigan and Utah last night gave me the false impression that they are poor offenses with stellar defenses.  Though neither team has a great offensive line (which accentuates the defenses success in the run game) they both will probably be better on offense than they showed.  And maybe a little worse on defense.  I cannot say that Michigan will come out and miss big play after big play on offense while always being susceptible to the QB run.

Most of the big errors, within reason, will be fixed for week two.  What I can say is this: I have absolutely, positively no idea if OSU will be better or worse than Michigan or Utah at any phase of the game.  Barring something extremely unfortunate tonight, I will probably not know by tomorrow morning either.  Weber State is no where near Utah or Michigan so even a huge blow out by the Beavers would be tough to say that we are going to steamroll the Wolverines.  All games are winnable if we make the fewest mistakes and take advantage of the most opportunities.  That is just football. Just like Hoosiers, the field everywhere is 100 yards long, first downs are always ten yards from where you started and the job of the team is always the same no matter what the field.

And maybe i am taking Weber State too lightly.  I have done so in the past with other teams.  Maybe the changes needed were deeper and wider than I suspected.  We will find out tonight, at least for one game, if OSU is ready to go this 2015 season.  I for one think that they are.

So Go Beavers!  Beat Weber State!  And lets start to get to know this Beaver Football team, because no one else does and my hope is we will all be pleasantly surprised.

Go Beavs (PRO)

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