The Official Candy Report Awards: Michigan

The Halloween Spice Drop Award of Excellence:
It is rare that this happens, but always a blessing for me. When you watch the film, as my trench report tomorrow will show, you will find that we have a pretty damn good center.  In fact, Josh Mitchell was the best player on offense for the Beavers, and maybe on the whole field in Ann Arbor. Josh not only managed a very stout front seven, he made the correct calls, blocked like a mad man and owned players all day.  It is rare that linemen stand out to most people, but for those that think I am taking crazy pills, multiple sources have graded Josh out very well, including our very own Coach Andersen.

I gladly give you the gift of the Spice Drop Josh, as you have earned it with more than just your play. Your leadership and experience are invaluable this year and will leave an impact on the next few to boot.  Enjoy!

The Jujifruit Award for Most Improved Player
This one was a little harder, but in the end, I have to go with Kyle Peko.  Kyle was tossing guys around like bean bags in a giant, 100,000 fan corn hole game. It was such a great moment for me to see Kyle make those plays because of all the struggle he has had to get here.  While the announcers took a jab at his scholastic struggles, they forgot to mention that he did everything he was told to by OSU, and that OSU was wrong.  They also forgot to mention how hard he worked to make OSU better last year, even with his future in doubt.  Kyle is someone we should all want to root for.  A good man, a good father and a good husband.  He is also apparently a great freaking football player who will only get better. In a game with few bright spots in the final three quarters, Kyle was a good one and someone to watch in the future.

Great job #99!

The  Good N Plenty Award of Shame
This week was tough.  I mean you had some really horrid football going on.  While the Pac-12 North, outside of the great state of Oregon, rebounded well, you also had teams like Auburn that looked like the most physically talented inept team East of Hawaii.  There was just a lot of bad football in general this weekend.  Unfortunately, something worse was revealed that had overshadowed bad college play.

The NFL and its group of lying liars.

Now while I am not a fan of the guy and he played pretty horrid, Jameis Winston cannot help that his team is horrid. He cannot help that he was drafted by a team that is run by a coach whose best QB he has ever had was Jay Cutler.  He cannot help that they decided that a player how played on a team that was virtually hand picked with talent in a weak conference (Florida State) was more valuable than a player who played in one of the toughest conferences in the nation and had noticeably less supporting talent.  It is not his fault that they felt someone that had a lot of off the field issues and more interceptions last year than the second overall pick had in his entire career was the best choice for a team with a ton of holes in it.

It is not his fault that every decision made by the NFL, from announcers to columnists, to radio personalities created a persona that Florida’s own Winston was the second coming of Joe Montana.  It is the NFL’s.

I as not surprised by what happened at Tampa because I knew all along that the NFL was lying.  I knew for three reasons:

  1. Steve Mariucci was adamant that Winston was the best interview he had ever had.  This cannot be possible since he coached Steve Young and interviewed players like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.  It is also not true because Winston has looked lost since the Pre-Season, something that Manning never did.  It may have been a funny interview, Winston is a funny guy, but to say he has the best X’s and O’s mind he has interviewed is a stretch.  If so, he should never have looked lost.
  2. Additional lies were abound in the NFL combine where Winston had issues completing NFL throws to spots on the field.  He ran an almost 5 second forty and did nothing to separate himself from anyone.
  3. Agents knew he had issues. Agents are always right.

This is just another example of the NFL wanting to create excitement (Manziel) without substance. It is the manufacturing of a star where there are serious doubts.  A guy that makes terrible personal decisions isn’t going to just turn on great on the field decisions. Especially for a quarterback. I really hate the NFL. I hate the way it runs as an organization, as a non-profit and how it basically does just enough to distract you from how evil it really is.

The story on Sunday shouldn’t have been about Peyton and Leaf, or what a bust Winston is. Winston always had questions and always was going to be a project on a terrible team with a terrible system.  But thanks to the NFL wanting to make a few more bucks in the spring, they basically set Winston up to fail. Good work NFL, you kind of suck.

This crappy award is for you, NFL. I should give you a lifetime achievement award, since it seems like every week you are in the running.

3 thoughts on “The Official Candy Report Awards: Michigan

    1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

      Of course, that was kind of a cheap shot by the announcers for not knowing the whole story. And really, not worth bringing up since he was dominating. His past is a story of triumph, so I was pretty upset that they tried to down play it.

  1. Al Ruvalcaba

    You can’t imagine the dark days and unfair gossip he had to quietly endure. It is so true that this is a story of triumph and humility. My Grandson Kyle

    Al Ruvalcaba, Grandpa


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