Three quick thoughts from this weekend. (re: San Jose State)

  1. It is hard to change directions in a game.  When you come out and struggle, it is hard not to press and make your problems worse.  That happened at Michigan after the momentum shifted to the Wolverines and it happened this week at San Jose State.  Credit the coaches changes and the players belief in their leaders for this.  Comebacks are difficult no matter who the opponent is.  In the second half the defense looked like the 2007 defense.  It was fast, relentless and seemed to know what play was called all the time.  Or like Honey Badger, didn’t give two poops. They were coming and they were coming fast.

    When Coach Andersen said that San Jose was getting too much on first down, you saw that play out in the second half.  The Beavers consistently kept San Jose State in a second and long all half and because of this, they were able to bring heat from all over the place.  Predictable offenses are easier to play against.

  2. If I had to give out my offensive and defensive coaching MVP’s for the first quarter of the season, they would go to Coach Woods on offense and Coach Odum on Defense.

    Lets be honest, you all know I am an offensive line honk, but if you want to know what the most consistent group on the offense has been, it has been the offensive line.  Weber State was not great, but the job they did against Michigan far exceeded my expectations.  There were some brain cramps for sure in Ann Arbor, but physically, they matched up well against the Wolverines. Saturday, they were machine like all game.  I haven’t done my full review for the Trench Report, but I am pretty sure they will grade out quite well.

    The more shocking pick for me is probably Coach Odum.  Derrick Odum didn’t come with the same fan fare as did his contemporaries on the Beaver staff, but he has done an exceptional job all season. No team has completed a pass over 25 yards on the Beavers this year and they have only given up one passing TD all season.   In fact, they have only given up 5 passes of over 20 yards all season, and of those 5, only 3 were to receivers.  While these numbers alone are great, what is even better is when you factor in how they are doing it.  OSU is blitzing virtually every play, and while they are getting pressure, they are not getting a ton of sacks. So in a lot of cases, the secondary is working with a lot of space and being forced to cover for a long time.  Decoud, Scott, Strong and Noland-Lewis are doing an amazing job with Decoud being my MVP of the secondary this year.

  3. 3 games into the season and there is one thing I think we can all agree on:  No week is a sure thing for anyone.  The north is not good, as Raju and I predicted, but Cal could beat anyone as easily as the ducks could lose to anyone.  I want to say that WSU is the worst, but when I watched the ducks play against Georgia State, a team that didn’t exist six years ago, I just don’t see how the ducks will get a stop against WSU.  Or Cal.  Or Stanford.  Or anyone to be honest.  It is just a weird, weird season where literally no team is safe.  I always knew Sark was good for one or two terrible losses a year (See Boston College last year, Stanford this year) but for some reason people still bet high on them.  UCLA looks fine against teams that have terrible defensive lines, but get a team with a good one, and they look pedestrian.  ASU could lose to WSU. Utah may not have any players left by the time they come to Corvallis, yet they still will be a huge test for the ducks.

    All in all, the first quarter of the season looks amazing from a fun and newness standpoint and infuriating for any fan that wants to be confident in their team week to week.

All in all, great weekend to be a Beaver, and hopefully we get a long weekend to bask in another win this week!

Go Beavs (PRO)

PS: Chip Kelly will be the coach of Texas next year.  Just sayin’…

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      Apparently “Quick” thoughts also means inaccurate… Thanks for the catch and for reading our blog!


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