San Jose State: 5 Stats I Liked and Didn’t Like

Despite them trailing 21-14 at halftime and leaving me shaking my head in bewilderment in Section 9, I wasn’t really worried the Beavers wouldn’t rally and defeat San Jose State. And thanks to the third quarter that’s exactly what they did. Here’s a my take on the game, based on the numbers.

5 Stats I Liked:
21… Points scored in the third quarter. The outburst allowed the Beavers to turn a 21-14 deficit into a 35-21 advantage and they never looked back. Those points were the result of a variety of plays: a 31-yard touchdown pass, a 10-yard QB run, and 41-yard interception return. It easily marked the Beavers’ best quarter of the season.

0… Points allowed by the defense in second half. It wasn’t only the offense that stepped up after halftime. The OSU defense put the clamp on the San Jose State offense — holding it to 92 yards in the second half. Linebacker Caleb Saulo provided the highlight with a 41-yard interception return for touchdown with 3:35 left in the third quarter.

333…Yards Rushing. The scouting report on SJSU was that it was susceptible to the run, especially mobile QBs. And well, the Beavers did nothing to dispel that as they averaged 6.6 yards per carry. Seth Collins continued to flash his speed and athleticism with 114 yards and two touchdowns. He is third among QBS nationwide in rushing yards.

8.9… YPC for Storm Barrs-Woods. He turned in arguably the best performance of his career, rushing for 151 yards on 17 carries and a TD. More impressively, was the fact that he ran with authority, hitting the holes or outside hard and finishing runs. For good measure, he also busted out 38-yard run.

11… Tackles for Manase Hungalu. The sophomore linebacker from Hawaii was seemingly all over the place for the Beavers against SJSU, while tying for the team lead in tackles (one of which was for loss) He hit hard and finished well. His physical and consistent style of play represented the improvement that the OSU defense has made so far this season.

5 Stats I Didn’t Like:
10-75, 4:45…  Number of plays and amount of time it took for San Jose State to score on the series of the game. Credit the SJSU coaches for coming out of the gate firing, the Spartans mixed it up and moved right down the field. It was a very dink, dink, but effective approach that appeared to catch the Beavers off guard.

21-14… Spartans at halftime. A muffed punt and an interception by the Beavers in the first half gave SJSU great field advantage — and they converted both into touchdowns, en route to taking a surprising lead into halftime.

0-2… On field goal attempts. Yes, one was a 48-yard attempt, but Garret Owens didn’t have his best performance against SJSU, as he missed all of his field goal attempts. He missed a much more makable attempt from 40 yards in the fourth quarter. The Beavers can’t afford to leave too many points on the board, because they could be hard to come by this season.

135 yards… Passing for the Beavers. Starting to sound like I’m beating down a dead horse, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, Collins is slowly, but surely improving. But the harsh reality is the Beavers need to be able to pass the ball more effectively, because teams such as Stanford and UCLA will be strong against the run.

1… Sack by the OSU defense. As impressive, and at times dominant, that the Beavers have looked on defense, I still have concerns about the push they are getting upfront. It would be nice see the pocket collapsing and some sacks occurring, creating more long situations for opponents. OSU’s one sack was a nice one by Kyle Peko, though.

All in all, a nice win for the Beavers heading into their Pac-12 opener against all-of-sudden surprising Stanford. What stats stood out to you from the San Jose State game? Go Beavs! (RW)

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