5 Stats I Liked & 5 I Didn’t Like: Colorado

Well, not much to say about the Beavers’ latest setback that dropped them to the bottom of the Pac-12 North. The bright spot for me besides the amazing weather was seeing Nick Mitchell get his first shot. It will be interesting to see how the quarterback situation plays out the rest of the season. Onto the main event…

5 Stats I Liked:
122… Rushing yards for Ryan Nall. The RS freshman enjoyed a breakout performance against  Colorado, averaging 6.1 yards on 20 carries. His 1-yard TD run with 2:58 left in the opening quarter gave OSU its only lead of the game. Nall moves the pile impressively and is a bruiser!

24… Passes attempted by Nick Mitchell. He only completed nine of them, but the important thing was that he finally got a chance to show what he could do. He appears to know the offense well and what to do. He just needs more time to get comfortable.

4.9… Average yards per carry for the Beavers… That’s further proof that the Beavers can be effective running the ball, if they commit to it. And I’ll keep beating you guys over the head about this 🙂

6… Stops for Kyle Peko. The much-anticipated defensive lineman enjoyed his best performance in an OSU uniform. One of those tackles for loss. He also had a QB hurry and a pass breakup. Despite the defensive line’s struggles this season, Peko has been strong.

401… Total yards of offense for the Beavers; marking their second-highest total of the season. It was a balanced effort, too, as they rushed for 202 yards and threw for 199 yards. On the other hand, maybe that makes the loss more hard to accept.

5 Stats I Didn’t Like:
1… Touchdown. In a high-powered, high-scoring conference such as the Pac-12, one trip into the end zone isn’t going to cut it — not even close. The Beavers’ offense needs a serious boost, and soon.

40… Percent completion percentage for OSU’s QBs. Yes, the Beavers QBs are young and inexperienced, but it’s still hard to see the passing game struggle, after being spoiled by Mike Riley’s passing attack. The good news: Mitchell throws a pretty catchable ball.

0… Turnovers forced. The Beavers did a good job of limiting the Buffaloes offensively. But in a game where points were hard to come by, a turnover could’ve made all the defense. And it’s frustrating they couldn’t force one against Colorado.

1… Missed field goal. With the score tied at 10, and a chance to go up three early in the third quarter, the Beavers came away empty from 44 yards out. Maybe three points there would’ve helped changed the outcome of the game.

0-4… In Pac-12 play. Sorry, I have to go here. At the end of the game, that’s the stat the matters. The Beavers found themselves alone in the last place and will have a hard time climbing out out of that spot.

With Utah on the docket this Saturday, things definitely don’t get easier for the Beavers, especially because the Utes will be smarting from their loss to USC. The important thing to watch for is more progress to be made, no matter how small. And as always, Go Beavs! (RW)

4 thoughts on “5 Stats I Liked & 5 I Didn’t Like: Colorado

  1. Building the Dam (@BuildingTheDam)

    “the important thing was that he finally got a chance to show what he could do”, which, like in the preseason, apparently is throw incompletions at an alarming rate. I didn’t see meaningful process there; rather proof that there is no viable alternative to Collins.

    1. Peter Riley Osborne

      I didn’t see that. There are a lot of plays he needed to make that he didn’t. but he also was let down by his receivers as well. Had Bolden caught that long pass, had a PI been called and had Guyton not pushed off, the game would have been different. Even if all of those just led to field goals. I thought that the way the team ran and the actual number of plays available made the offense work much more effectively. Even the little fakes at the end. If Nick passes for 50% or less this week, then I will be concerned (unless it is just drops, then I will be concerned for other reasons) but right now, you have basically seen six games of one thing and it isn’t working. We have seen half of one game of another and it had some success. Lets see how it looks after four or six quarters and make a judgement.

  2. blowcheese

    Raju the turnover differential usually tells the tell but in this game it was the whole deal because the one easy pick was also a probable pick six and that was the score difference. The way the defense was playing a pick six would have snuffed colorado, i feel confident about that.

    so…. break that down some more, not making plays, even EASY plays. Count how many of those are still lying around on the floor of Reser and you might even find a few that say Stanford Loss on them. Why are those there? It’s lack of confidence. It’s lack of GAMERS on the team. I feel like Riley stopped recruiting GAMERS when Gilstrap died. He was the secret closet recruiter during the good Riley years. You have to be able to see through the stars and the times and the heights and weights and stats and see a kid with burst or non-stop desire or freakish coordination or hands or strength and say HIM!. GET THAT KID!! You don’t need that many just 3 or 4 clutch playmakers per unit and then everybody else be solid and do their job.
    I’m saying Raju, dont get so hung up on the stats when a few individual plays here and there turn a game around or keep it close or make the fans happy and then you have a season again.

    Maybe there are a few of these guys on the team hiding who will now start to assert themselves in key situations in the remaining games and suddenly the beaver universe will not look so flat. I watch sports to be surprised.

    1. Raju Woodward Post author

      Totally agree about Gilstrap. He was a tremendous evaluator of talent. I believe he’s the one who identified Sammie Stroughter as having a lot of potential… and we know how that worked out. I think his passing was a huge blow to Riley’s staff, and Riles was not able to bring in someone to fill that void. On the other hand, I am not sure he could’ve, because Gilstrap was that good.

      This season has been tough and I’ve been grasping at some numbers. They certainly don’t tell the entire story… And I am trying to look at it as baby steps. We will see how the last several games go. Thanks for reading the blog!


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