Where is the Candy?

It may seem odd that a website called “The Official Candy Report” has been shy on actual Candy Reports lately.  Maybe it is that common pattern the last few seasons of me losing steam when the team isn’t successful.  Ironically, that is not the case. I have been purposely holding them back to reflect one simple truth:

There are no awards in losses.

Or at least that is the message of this coaching staff, and I agree with it.  Now that is not to mean there are no lessons, or great performances or even down right awesome feats of football acumen. What it means is that there is no BCS Bowl Game for the two teams earning the most ‘Moral Victories’.

I recognize that players like Mitchell and Willis are making huge strides and putting this team in position to potentially get a win. And I think that is awesome. I think it also should be applauded because they worked hard and are making the most of their opportunities.  But I would also be willing to bet that neither of them would pause for even a moment to trade their personal achievements to turn that “L” against Utah into a “W”.  In fact, if the offense never scored a point all season or conversely if the defense averaged giving up 50 points a game and the offense was able to just put up 51 leading to an undefeated record, Every Beaver player would feel a lot better.

The reality is that no one will remember a QB starting their first game ever (after only playing two quarters of football the previous two years of his time at OSU) had a good game.  No one will ever look at this game and say “Remember when Will Hopkins started and did so well in that loss to Utah?”

We may remember this like i remember the Penn State game in 2008, as the turning point in these next few weeks of Beaver Football, but only if Saturday they take an even bigger step and beat UCLA. Or even better close out the season with a few wins including the Civil War. Then I will remember this game with a little more fondness and detail.

But for now there are no awards because we still only have two wins.  In honor of the attitude set forth by the coaching staff, an attitude that losing is not acceptable, it seems inconsistent for me to offer awards in a loss.  So I will talk about improvements and steps and hope, but I will not give out weekly Heisman’s because. honestly, I don’t think the players would even want them.

Go Beavs (PRO)

One thought on “Where is the Candy?

  1. blowcheese

    I agree. No candy.

    This was not a morale win even. I do not feel Utah was threatened or even frustrated. Maybe bored because we hardly tried to score touchdowns in the red zone. The FG choices said we dont want to upset you Utah. In turn, Utah kept it close to the vest and gave the beaver defense confidence it didnt really earn.

    But strangely…in this No Contest it appeared the younger players came out of their shell and ran around making plays. Willis you mentioned, Guyton showed some presence, paul lucas flashed some speed. Maybe there was a starting point there.

    But no candy. Candy is for Winners.


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