Bit by Bit

(NOTE: Because a scheduling error, this was supposed to go out on Monday)

Another week and another similar result — at least in terms of losing.  What was different this week was quite palatable:


In blowout losses to Arizona and WSU, the Beavers appeared hopeless. In a close loss to Colorado, there were signs that the Beavers might be building toward something in the future, but still the realization that they are the basement king of the conference.

This past week, what we saw for the first time in a long time was a large, noticeable step forward. Performances by players such as Willis, Mitchell, Peko and Hill didn’t go unnoticed.  With injuries piling up, and many players playing through sickness, the team put together an effort that showed promise. A quarterback that added 20 percent to its completion percentage, a defense that shut the door on a solid offense after the first two drives, and a team that looked like they could rebound. A catch here, a block there, better communication on a play or two — and this game could have been much different.

And they took this step on the road in a place that is EXTREMELY hard to win.

That is where hope comes from. I am not saying we are going to win out or even win again, but all the sudden I think we can. I think this team can start righting the ship. If the Beavers find a way to get two more wins, all the sudden we are looking at a different  beast. Match this performance with a recruiting week that saw us close the gap on our competition with four highly regarded recruits committing to OSU and the future looks more than just a smidgen brighter.

Our coaching staff and players don’t want to see moral victories and are not going to parade around like they did  something impressive on Saturday. And good for them, that is how it should be. But I am a fan, and I can be happy about whatever I want. This weekend the Beavers gave me hope. I saw more of the offense than we have seen all year and I liked the potential.  This weekend I saw where we want to go and I am all in. We need some more pieces for sure, but we are closer now than at any point this season.

And that is AWESOME!

Go Beavs (PRO)

2 thoughts on “Bit by Bit

  1. blowcheese

    Pete of the Candy- i fear for your morale if beavs do not beat UCLA. I hate to be all or nothing but as long time fan i know that losing college football games loses its majesty very quickly. At some point you are not rebuilding you are just losing.

    Beavs need a win. Now. The streak is growing and needs to be chopped or it will become a giant tail on the creature that is beav football and strand the program in the mire.

    Beavs need this and it doesnt matter who the opponent is. UCLA is random enough to be a victim.. I hope the sword of desperation is sharp and long for this team.


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