5 Stats I Liked & 5 I Didn’t Like: UCLA

OK, let’s call this what it is:  A lost season for the Beavers. That “playing for the future” bit is hard to believe in wake of another drubbing, this time 41-0 at the hands of the Bruins. It was awful. With that said, here’s my by-the-numbers look at the game…

5 Stats I Liked:
0… Points allowed by the Beavers in the first quarter. It was a great start for the defense and gave OSU a fighting chance, even if it was fleeting. They repeated the feat in the final quarter, as well — unfortunately the game was well out of hand at that point.

6.2… Yards per carry for Storm Barrs-Woods. The senior running back has battled injuries this season and a roller-coaster rotation at running back. However, he ran well against the Bruins, gaining 87 yards on 14 carries.

11… Tackles for Devin Chappell. The junior defensive back, a former walk-on from Western Oregon, turned in his best performance as a Beaver, tying for the team lead in tackles. It’s another chapter in his feel-good story.

38,074… People attended Saturday’s game — a season high. Yes, it helped that it was Dad’s Weekend, but it was still impressive considering OSU’s dismal season and the less than ideal weather. Sadly, the stadium was pretty empty after halftime.

66… Yards is punter Nathan Porebski’s new career long punt. He uncorked the monster punt (helped by a few OSU bounces) in the second quarter to pin the Bruins deep. He’s quietly put together a few solid games in a row.

5 Stats I Didn’t Like:
0… Points scored. I get that this is a transition season, and there was bound to be some up and downs, but never in my wildest nightmares could’ve I imagined the Beavers’ would struggle to move the ball. UGH.

41… Percent was the combined completion percentage for Nick Mitchell and Marcus McMaryion, which highlighted the offensive struggles against OSU. To be fair though, the wide receivers didn’t do them any favors at times.

5.5… Yards per carry for the Bruins. That ultimately put too much pressure on the Beavers’ defense, and eventually UCLA was able to score at will. If they hadn’t move all the way down to their third-string offense, who knows what the score could’ve been.

12… Yards receiving for Jordan Villamin. The sophomore receiver is too explosive not to be targeted more. So it’s been disappointing to watch him struggle to get involved consistently this season and get in a rhythm. Sadly, you could say that about all the receivers.

6, 116, 2… That’s the Rec/Yards/TDs line for UCLA receiver Thomas Duarte, who sparked the Bruins to an early lead that they never relinquished, or for that matter even had to peek back to see if OSU would come charging back.

And to add to insult, I’m coming clean. Saturday’s game marked the first time as a Beavers fan that I didn’t go back for the second half. I kinda feel bad about that, but at the same time, the game left me completely deflated and bummed. I still am.

This is why it’s tough being a fan. While our brains think one thing, our hearts want to think another thing. I knew this season would be rough, but I wanted to believe that this coaching staff was elite enough to squeeze out a little magic… Go Beavs! (RW)

2 thoughts on “5 Stats I Liked & 5 I Didn’t Like: UCLA

  1. George G

    Raju, Still love your optimism finding 5 things to like about that pile of steaming poo! Guess that is what the coaches have to do. I think it is time to begin the discussion of the philosophy of the coaching staff and how to implement a new philosophy that puts a premium on “toughness” and “imposing your will” as a team and a player on your opponent.

    It is fair to say that so far this season opponents have been able to “out tough” the Beavers and dominate all aspects of the game. Mental toughness is just as big a component as physical toughness and the challenge to teach this to 18 – 20 year olds has got to be significant.

    This is a new coaching direction for OSU not seen since the 2000- 2001 Fiesta Bowl team which was the most recent prime example of football tough. are we as fans prepared for the time it takes to make the transition and do we have the capacity as a university to stick with it?

    Keep up the good work. Love your analysis

    George G

    1. Raju Woodward Post author

      George! Thanks for the kind words. How’s the non-Lee life treating you? That’s a great point about fans being patient. We kind of got spoiled (and it created unrealistic expectations) by how fast DE got the Beavers going. But in all honesty, it was kinda of “right time at the right moment” type of situation. I think the university will stick with this a lot better than the fans, but who knows? Football is the cash cow for a university, and money talks. Take care, and Go Beavs!


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