5 Stats I Liked & 5 I Didn’t Like: Cal

For about quarter and a half, the Beavers hung with Cal, and it seemed like they might have a fighting chance with a break here or there. But that never came and eventually Jared Goff and Co. got hot and never looked back as the Golden Bears cruised to an easy win. But amidst another blowout loss, there were some positives for the Beavs. Here goes nothing…

5 Stats I Liked:
204… Yards rushing for the Beavers who averaged six yards per carry! It’s great that they attacked Cal’s weakness and found success. But when you fall behind big, you usually have to resort to throwing the ball a lot to try to come back.

70… Yards rushing for Paul Lucas. The true freshman, who had played receiver up until Saturday’s game, rushed for a team-high 70 yards, highlighted by a 33-yard scamper in which he displayed his elite speed. Will he stay at RB?

3… Touchdowns by Nick Mitchell. The redshirt freshman rebounded from a rough performance against UCLA by accounting for three scores against Cal, two through the air and one on the ground. His 29-yard TD strike to Jordan Villamin was PRETTY…

8… Tackles for Gabe Ovgard. The walk-on safety from Klamath Fall shined during his first extended stint for the Beavers. He displayed the toughness so desperately craved by Andersen and Co., so it will be interesting to see if he continues to play more snaps.

0… Turnovers for the Beavers. Usually, this would be at the top of any list, but the Beavers still lost despite taking care of the ball. It’s another frustrating part of a very frustrating season. Usually, when a team wins the turnover battle, it wins, or least keeps the game close.

5 Stats I Didn’t Like:
760… Total yards of offense for Cal. I know it was facing one of, if not the best, passers in the nation in Jared Goff, but the Beavers defense got shredded. Adding to insult was that 307 of those yards came on the ground… WTH?

9.2… Yards per offensive play by the Golden Bears. Once they got rolling, they didn’t mess around. And as a result, it was tough for the OSU defense to even try to build momentum. When it’s nearly 2-and-1 most of the game, it’s hard to stop an offense.

4… Passing plays over 40 yards for Cal’s WRs. Yes, the Beavers’ secondary has suffered a ton of injuries this season. But man, what a difference nine weeks makes. At the beginning of the season, I thought this unit would be the Beavers’ strength. But Cal made them pay, BIG…

307… Rushing yards for the Golden Bears. Like I exclaimed earlier, “What the heck?” Tre Watson, Vic Enwere, and Khaif Muhammad rand wild against the Beavers. Each of them averaged more than seven yards per carry. And you thought Cal was just a passing team.

20… Scored in the third quarter for Cal. One thing the Beavers have been good at this season, most of it at least, was holding teams in the third quarter. But Cal broke the game open in that quarter and never looked back. Let’s face it, it was a rough night for the defense.

Just so I don’t end this post on a boo bird note, it was great to see Lucas’ performance. He looked comfortable at running back and could develop into a real weapon there if given the opportunity. I also liked what I saw from Mitchell; it just reaffirmed what I thought all along, he should’ve been give more snaps earlier in the season. Go Beavs! (RW)

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