5 Stats I Liked & 5 I didn’t Like: Oregon

What a game! A stop here or there, and that might have been a Civil War for the ages. Though the Beavers came up just short, their performance provided a much-needed glimmer of hope for next season. And as for now, it was a nice end to a tough season. So without further ado, here’s the my final “5 Stats I Liked…” post of the year.

5 Stats I Liked:
42… If you had told me going into the game, that the Beavers would score their most points of the season, I would’ve called you an idiot. But I am the one who is left awestruck. I loved the creativity of the play calling; it led to some big plays, something that was lacking all season.

174… Yards rushing for Ryan Nall. Welp, I think it’s settled. Nall should be in the running back discussion in 2016. We knew he was a bruiser, but he showed off some serious speed during his 66-yard TD run. Could he and Paul Lucas be our Reggie Bush/LenDale White combo?

3… Touchdowns by Seth Collins. The oft-maligned freshman returned to the lineup and proved why he has to be on the field, even if it’s not as the Beavers’ primary QB. He’s so damn athletic and explosive, he’s a big play waiting to happen every snap.

78… Yard punt return for TD. Victor Bolden’s huge run back with 10 minutes left  helped the Beavers get within striking distance. It was Bolden’s first punt return of the season and OSU’s first PR for TD since 2011. It was great to see from a player who was up and down this season.

7… Tackles for loss. The Ducks scored 52 points, which is never great, but that shouldn’t completely diminish the fact OSU’s defense played very well at times. Kyle Peko, in particular, helped lead the surge with 2 TFL, a sack, and a blocked field goal in his final game.

5 Stats I Didn’t Like:
52… Points allowed. Like I mentioned before, not good. But what hurt most was that the Ducks were able to score when they needed to, especially down the stretch. The Beavers just couldn’t get the stop they needed.

336… Yards through the air by Vernon Adams. Different uniform, same result. Two years after torching the Beavers, Adams had his way again, completing 73 percent of his passes, three of which were for scores. He had too much time to throw most of the game.

3… TDs for Bralon Addison. He made the Beavers look downright silly at times, seemingly able to get open at will. He’s been overlooked because of the Ducks’ powerful run game, but he’s a great athlete, and so I hope he leaves for the draft 🙂

308… Yards rushing for the Ducks. Yes, they were going to get yards no matter what. But what frustrated me the most was how easy their backs got around the edge. It highlighted the Beavers’ need to get faster. Taj Griffin is going to be a nightmare the next three years.

62… That was UO’s conversion rate on third down, and some were third and long situations, which made OSU’s inability to get some stops even more heartbreaking. But it’s worth noting that one of the few stops result in a punt return for TD.

So there you have it, quite a few positives to take from a loss, which I hadn’t been able to do well the past few weeks. It could be a long offseason for the Beavers, as there’s sure to be some turnover and recruiting surprises. But at least, they surprised everyone during the 119th Civil War and made it a fun adventure. Their effort and performance deserves huge kudos and a loud “Go Beavers!” (RW)

2 thoughts on “5 Stats I Liked & 5 I didn’t Like: Oregon

  1. Building the Dam (@BuildingTheDam)

    ” how easy their backs got around the edge ” – yes, improved team speed on defense is needed, but in many cases, wouldn’t have made a big difference, because of the job Oregon’s WRs did at edge blocking. It was the best I’ve seen all season by anyone. Better than a dozen plays were not going to be anything great (at most), or flat out blown up, but for very good and very key blocks by WRs. Darren Carrington in particular was a huge factor here.

    Defending that will require speed, but also the strength and technique to get off blocks.

    It was also an excellent illustration of something Oregon State’s receivers need to work on. Especially with the amount of short passes and keepers that are in Andersen’s offense, WR blocking on the edge and in space is critical to getting yards after catch/at the second level, and big plays. It was the key to the difference in the game Friday.

  2. Dave McLean

    I have been saying for weeks that we need more Nall. When was the last time we had a RB rush for 174 yards? Perhaps Quizz in his first game versus USC??? Interesting that Andersen now says we need Collins next year. I’m guessing he will not be the starting QB, unless he learns how to throw when under pressure. He should not have been the teams leading rusher this season, not as the starting QB..


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