Predicting Pac-12 Play

The Beavers concluded non-conference play with a 82-61 win over Quinnipiac on Monday night to improve to 10-2 this season. By all means it was a successful 12-game stretch for them, with their only losses coming to Valparaiso and Kansas, both of which should be tournament teams (If Kansas plays like they did in the second half against OSU, they should be national champion contenders).

Hopefully, the momentum carries over to Pac-12 play, because unfortunately, it could be a tough season for the Beavers. While they’ve increased their talent level, I think they are still lagging in athleticism. And the Pac-12 is just loaded with great athletes. So I worry about the Beavers being able to keep up with a lot of their conference foes, especially on defense. The Tulsa game exposed OSU in those areas.

With those concerns in mind, I looked at the Beavers’ Pac-12 schedule and tried to do some forecasting. Bear in mind, I went super conservative here for two reasons: I am a former journalist and still haven’t got that entire “always be objective” thing out of the way, and well, being a Beavers fan has exposed me to a lot disappointment.

Jan. 3: Oregon L
Jan. 6: Stanford W
Jan. 9: Cal L
Jan. 13: @ Colorado L
Jan. 17: @ Utah L
Jan. 20: UCLA L
Jan. 24: USC W
Jan. 28: @ ASU W
Jan. 30: @ Arizona L
Feb. 4: Utah L
Feb. 6: Colorado W
Feb. 11: @ Stanford W
Feb. 13: @ Cal L
Feb. 20: @Oregon L
Feb. 24: Washington W
Feb. 26: WSU: W
March 2: @ USC: W
March 5: @ UCLA L

So that’s eight Pac-12 wins, which means the Beavers would finish with  17 wins, the same as last season, and unfortunately, not enough to get invited to the dance. The harsh reality is the Pac-12 is tough, just about every year. Even if the Beavers can squeak out three more wins than I think they will, there’s still no guarantees that they get in. The good news is the future is bright and this season, no matter what happens, will set the foundation!

Go Beavs. (RW)

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