Reasons for excitement? You bet!

With the pending announcement that Kevin Clune will be our new Defensive Coordinator, as well as Cory Hall becoming our new Safeties coach.  If you have never heard those names, don’t feel sad, neither had I.  In fact, when I heard Coach Sitake was leaving for BYU, my short list of names featured neither of them. They are not the “blow the doors off the conference” type hires that Andersen and Sitake were. They fall under the “well I trust Andersen” type hires where I cross my fingers and hope for the best.

The thing is, while it is tough to really get excited about losing a great coach and replacing it with two unknowns, at east our unknowns are more well known than those around us.  With the news of Don Pellum being demoted for the ducks, and their Linebackers Coach going to be the Defensive Coordinator for UCF.  In fact, right now, there are four Pac-12 teams with no Defensive Coordinator and a few more looking for other assistants.  As the earthquake of post season moves get made, and the after shocks are felt throughout the nation, at least OSU knows where it is going and who it is going to war with.

I may not know these two coaches, but you can just add that to the list of things I don’t know.  So for now, I will trust the process because, hey, at least I know where it is going!

Go Beavs (PRO)

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