Quick Hits: A New Year, A New Feature.

As we pull out of the busy times of the Holidays and get over some of the flu-induced hangovers we have been dealing with here at The Official Candy Report, I am going to introduce a new feature:  The Quick Hit. As we plan our schedule for trying to get as much content out as possible, I am going to start doing Quick Hits.  These will be a paragraph or two max on a single subject along with some bullet points of things to look forward to in the future.

In addition, we are going to try and commit to no less than 3 posts per week here, as long as we have something to say. I am  not going to do a bunch of silly or lame posts to fill a quota, but between Raju and I, we have to have at least three things to say per week.

So here is the first one, and just a sentence over the max!  Pretty good for me!


  • On Monday our 2015 Position Review: Defensive Backs will be live
  • Raju is getting ready to post some interesting takes on Men’s Basketball
  • I will be posting an article on my experience watching the OSU Women beat the ducks in basketball at Matt Knight Arena
  • Starting next week, I will be updating some design elements on the site, so you may notice some subtle changes at first.  Don’t be alarmed… unless you hate them. Then let me know!

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