Quick Hit: LOI Day

With Letter of Intent day coming Wednesday, Oregon State will be looking to see if they can hold onto their current list of commitments.  Recently, we saw the loss of longtime recruit Javonte Ferguson which led to the gain of receiver Kee Whetzel.  It is the nature of the beast and there will most likely be more surprises and head scratching decisions along the way. What is interesting as we look at the class is the fit for the program:


While there are lots of indications that the current Beaver staff is a stark contrast to the previous one in philosophy and practice, nothing shows that more than recruiting.  With the bulk of the first two classes being on the defensive side of the ball, specifically in the secondary, Andersen and his staff are saying they want to make sure that their defense is their strength.  Which makes sense because while offenses are sexy, if you look at who is winning big championships, it is teams that have both or are defensive focused. Even in their approach to offense. Those that think of Clemson as this amazing offensive machine are doing a disservice to a defense that features more 4 and 5 star recruits along their defensive line than OSU has on their whole team.

Defense wins championships as they say, and if you can gauge a philosophy by their recruiting, then I would say Coach Andersen would agree with that sentiment.


  • Watch out for the 2015 Position Review: Running Backs this week
  • Look out for our take on our recruiting haul this year later this week (probably Friday)
  • Our Basketball Quick on Drew Eubanks will be out before the first game this week.
  • THIS Wednesday will have my article on my experience watching the OSU Women beat the ducks in basketball at Matt Knight Arena. (Sorry about last week!)
  • Fonts are going to roll this week.  It is all about the fonts!

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