Quick Hit: Drew Eubanks

In light of last night’s electric win over Utah, I thought it would be good to look into one of our young players, Drew Eubanks.  I am a huge Eubanks fan, and while I think he obviously has a lot of room to improve, I really feel like he is a rare athlete, especially for Oregon State. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s around oregon State Basketball, I have seen a lot of great big men.  Jose Ortiz, Scott Haskins and of course Steve Johnson and while it is almost mean to put the pressure on Drew to be like those guys, I think he can be someone that gets mentioned in those names some day.

Rarely do we see players as big and long in the limb as Drew that can handle the ball and run so well.  Often players struggle to control the ball or dribble in traffic, yet Drew seems to have amazing body control and agility for a player his size.  He is fast, jumps well and could be one of the better scoring big men we have had in a while.  His defensive game definitely needs some refinement, and he probably could stand to add a few pounds of muscle to deal with some of the elite centers in the conference, but as the year has gone on, I have seen him start to develop a devastating hook shot that could be un-blockable for a guy his size, and a penchant for getting blocks.  It will be interesting to see his growth over time, but I really like what I see from Drew and think he could be a star for the Beavers before he is gone.


  • My running backs review will be pushed to next week, and my hope is to get two out (Running Backs and Linebackers)
  • Next week we will take a look at the defensive side of this recruiting class.
  • My article on my experience watching the OSU Women beat the ducks in basketball at Matt Knight Arena is not a myth. It will be out this coming week.

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