Why I Love Women’s Hoops.

For the first time since I can remember, I am not watching the Super Bowl.  Sure, I check my phone to see the scores, but to be honest, I really just don’t like the NFL.  I cannot support or endorse an organization as evil as the NFL.  So I figured I would make use of my newly reclaimed 6 hours of life to write about an experience I had a few weeks ago.

I had the fortune to attend the women’s Civil War at Matt Knight Arena in Eugene.  I got two tickets from my work (CBT Nuggets has some fantastic perks!) and took my oldest daughter to watch the game.  She is six years old and has literally no interest in basketball or any sports. She also doesn’t really like the rivalry between the ducks and Beavers because she is nicer than her dad and hates how people argue about it all the time.

As we walked across the floor to our seats, I noticed that the stadium was half full of Beaver fans.  It was loud and exciting but nice, and fun.  It wasn’t like going to a football game where people drop F-Bombs on me or flip me off when the Beavers score. It was like going to watch a match between two teams that are friends and just love to play.

My hope was my daughter would see young women who work hard to achieve something and are celebrated for it. My hope was more than affirmed.  Both teams worked hard, made plays and gave their all.  it was inspiring to see the Beavers overcome a duck run, but also nice to see the crowd get excited when the ducks were playing well.  I found myself having more fun than I anticipated and before the game was over, I ended up doing something I never thought I would.

I sang Shout.

As I looked around the stands I saw Beaver fans and duck fans alike jumping up and down, singing the song and having fun.  I got into it and my daughter did and it was awesome.  The closest thing i can equate to it was when I went to my first Hockey game in Seattle and really had no dog in the fight on either team. I just enjoyed the sport, the atmosphere and the fun. That afternoon at Matt Knight, I didn’t just go blind looking at their hideous floor, I got to enjoy a game, enjoy a crowd and watch a game without having to hold my hands over my daughters ears or wonder if I was going to have to fight my way to my car.

It was awesome and as I left, I left a fan of women’s hoops in general but also with an affinity for the Beaver players and coaches.  I was proud to be a member of Beaver Nation that day, and that is something i haven’t always been over the last few years.

So thank you Coach Rueck, and all the coaches and players, for having a great product to watch, but also for giving me a great afternoon with my daughter where she got to see young women be celebrated for being awesome.  It was one of my sports highlights of the the last three years… maybe longer.

Go Beavs! (PRO)

4 thoughts on “Why I Love Women’s Hoops.

  1. EugeneDave

    Great sentiment Peter. Glad you and your daughter did not have to experience what most Beavers do when they go to a CW game. I have yet to watch a game at the Taj Mahole, out of fear of what you thought might happen. Lady Hoopsters do indeed rock the house.

    We watched the Superbowl on the DVR last night. Most of the commercials seemed lame, like most of them have for the past few years. Denver continues a recent tradition where the underdog wins. I was pretty sure Manning would rise to the occasion. Denver’s D was awesome too.

    1. Peter Riley Osborne Post author

      Ha, very true Dave! I think it probably helped that we destroyed them at home a few days before the game!


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