Quick Hits: Spring Football

As we draw closer to Spring Football, I think that there are a lot of compelling stories to this year’s spring showcase:

  1. Who will take control at Quarterback?
    This will be the second straight year of speculation and wonder at who the Beaver signal caller will be this year.  My gut tells me that it will be Garrettson, but to be honest, I would not be shocked if Marcus McMariyon or Mason Moran made a run at it.  All three have upside to their games, but this is the most important decision of the coming season for the new Offensive Coordinator tandem of McGiven and Woods.
  2. What will Coach Clune’s defense look like?
    Will the play at linebacker be vastly improved?  Who will the defensive line starters be?  Will we be in an odd or even base formation?  Who will step up at corner?  Will the young and talented incoming freshmen get a shot to start?  While some of those questions may have been answered in interviews, until Clune is in there with the players (and Hall) they are not going to really know what they have and what they can do. With the advent of the up tempo offenses in the Pac-12, there is literally no way to have a successful defense unless you are two or three deep at every position.  An odd front not only gets more speed on the field, it also limits how many big defensive linemen you have to have to maintain a solid defensive line rotation. We will see how everyone does!
  3. Who will step up at running back and for Josh Mitchell and Isaac Seumalo?
    Those are big questions, almost as big as quarterback.  We will see who gets the nod and how they do, but the Beavers have a lot of pieces so how they put them together is going to be interesting!

I love spring ball, I love the hope that comes from it and the stories, but also, I love seeing how the team develops and who steps up as we get ready for fall.  With all these questions following a rough season, I am looking forward to finding the answers and hoping that they are the right ones!


  • It’s baseball season again!  Look for a few notes on Beaver baseball and as always, check out JP Beaver’s reviews at BeaverBlitz.com.  They are worth the price of the site alone if you are a baseball fan!
  • I will be doing a timeline feature that takes a kind of critical look at the last year of Beaver Football
  • With a must win series against the Washington schools this week, we will have a note on where Basketball is and where we see it going in the future.
  • Where did the features I promised a few weeks go?  Well they are still on their way. Just need a bit if fine tuning.  And to be written.

One thought on “Quick Hits: Spring Football

  1. Wesley

    Did you ever do a article on the signing class for defense I loved the one of offensive guys. Thanks and love your thoughts. Go beavs


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