Thank you Lady Beavers!

What an amazing, amazing feat last night by our very own Lady Beavers basketball team!  I cannot express how proud I am of them and their selfless work and achievements this year. I also think that Scott Rueck and his staff did an amazing job getting this team to play as well as they have.

Last night reminded me of the Notre Dame and Tennessee games this year, or at least reminded me that those were important games.  In both games the Beavers had to come back and try and pull it out in the end against nationally ranked, historically relevant teams.   Both times they narrowly lost, but I feel like the lessons in those games helped them weather the storm of Baylor’s comeback and get the win in a tough, tough game.

I give a ton of credit to Baylor and their staff, they are a great team.  I have felt, in my mostly ignorance of the sport, that the National Champion would come from our lane of the tournament. I believe that had Baylor beaten us, and beaten Connecticut, they would win the final.  I also have thought that UConn is basically unbeatable. I hope now that I was wrong and that we continue on our march in the tournament.

Having played in multiple tournaments, I realize how amazing a Final Four appearance truly is. In a lot of instances, luck, health and a hot hand get you past each game in a tournament as much as coaching and talent. In some cases, if you played a certain team 10 times, they would win 9 of them, but the one you did play you won.  So to me, tournament play is a different beast than anything else you do all season. I respect and love the staff and players for OSU’s women’s hoops program and am so proud of them.

May you continue to capture the imagination of Beaver Nation (and more importantly to me,  my own daughters)  and no matter what happens, you have created a life long fan.

Go Beavs!

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