Thanks for the Memories, Beavermobile!

Editor’s Note: This post originally was published on April 7, but was taken down at request of the Taylor family, who wanted more time to notify family members about Richard’s death. We apologize for any confusion that this might have caused. 

Last week, Richard Taylor, AKA Beavermobile, died after a long battle with cancer. He is one of the most beloved Beavers fans ever, having been a fixture at many OSU athletic events and on just about every message board out there, even eDuck. His tales (sometimes tall) are legendary among Beavers and Ducks fans. But beneath that big personality and outlandish sense of humor,  was one of the kindest and most loyal souls you’ll ever find. Richard will be dearly missed, and so we wanted to share how we got to know him and remember him…

“My first introduction to Richard was on in 2005.  I was reading some posts before I had any type of courage to post, when I noticed a distinct pattern:

You click on the links provided by Beavermobile at your own risk. 

I saw things to this day that are burned in my brain and haunt my dreams.  Many of them pertaining to the smallest of our people. All of them of which are completely NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

I also remember Richard as the eDuck antagonist, visiting the site to rile it up and toss grenades like a veteran message board troll, leading to countless pages of responses, half of which were desperate pleas not to respond to his posts because it just encouraged him!

Beyond his antics as vibrant Beaver fan and his charismatic personality was a man who cared deeply about his friends, his Beavers, and who made the people around him enjoy the day and their lives a little bit more. Even in a loss, Richard had the words to say that would bring a smile to everyone’s face. Virtually and in person.”

“After reading soda-up-the-nose inducing stories about the legendary Beavermobile on Pure Orange during high school, I finally got to meet Richard Taylor in the flesh in spring of 2002 at a PO tailgater. He didn’t disappoint; he quickly imparted his knowledge of hilarious, but suspect vocabulary on this then naive college freshman. It was easy to see why he had been banned numerous times from eDuck.

Richard was one of the most loyal Beaver fans out there. You might not have always agreed with him, or enjoyed his provocative manner, but you always respected him. That said, Richard also was one of the nicest Beaver Believers I’ve ever been around. It’s no surprise that Beaver Nation rallied around him during his illness and has mourned his death tremendously  I can only hope that I become half the fan and person he is…”

The next time we send an off-color message to a co-worker, cheer for the Beavers on a cold and wet November evening, or put a painted yellow toilet seat on the lawn of an annoying duck fan (one that I then utilize for its intended purpose of course), we will think of you.  You are one of the reasons this blog exists. Thanks, man for everything!

We encourage any family and friends to share stories about Richard in the comments section below. Also, to read more stories about the legendary Beavermobile and see some awesome pictures of him, check out the Pure Orange Facebook Page.

Go Beavs (and Go Beavermobile!) (PRO & RW)

5 thoughts on “Thanks for the Memories, Beavermobile!

  1. Vince Van De Coevering

    Richard, You brightened PO with your offbeat wit and colorful humor.
    Hijacking eDuck with you was an honor and privilege.
    Repo-Santa has become a cherished Christmas classic.
    My wife Kate says if you manage to beat The Bastard again that she’s ready to help with the web site.

    Every time the ball bounces our way we’ll know that you had a hand in it.
    Godspeed Beavermobile…

  2. chris colburn

    We’re all LSBFs. But Richard is, and will be, a Long remembered beaver fan. I enjoyed spending our day together, and still to this day laugh at the thought of him laughing over our “code word”

    Be well my friend. Know that you’re thought of fondly,

    If the game of life is to create more smiles than frowns, to make more people happy than you make agro. You won, and it wasn’t even close.

    Peace brother…peace,


  3. EugeneDave

    Benny’s House is reporting that Richard passed away today. He was one of the greatest P-O posters of all time. When we met for the first time at a tailgater for last years spring game, he was kind enough to give me encouraging words at a time when he was the one who really needed the encouragement. He especially loved my hatred for the ducks. I will never forget you Richard, and I know that you are raising hell up with them up there tonight, in Heaven.

  4. blowcheese

    I didn’t know Beavermobile went. I knew he was Ill. I saw him posting on Educk (his home base, after PO went down the toilet. I didn’t know what to make of it because Bmoby was a hard core prankster. But I told him good luck and got blasted by educk people. We had a fine bit of reminiscing on educk but I’m still struck surprised death could get bmoby.
    he reminded me that I was an insanely loud cheerer of beavers when we sat together in now demolished section 21. good times.
    I wish it really was a prank. I loved him purely for the way he torqued the worst of duck fans.
    RIP bmoby. we will back the beavs in your honor but in no way as imaginitively as you.


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