Big Recruiting Wins

Two weeks ago, I was worried as crap about Beaver recruiting. We were sitting with two recruits and none of them were “wow” names. That doesn’t mean that they are not going to be amazing or anything about what they will be like as Beavers. It is just the perception of an outsider who only has recruiting services and highlight films to go by.

While I still have my worries, they are position-specific. The past few days, many of those have been addressed  — with the verbals from Chandler, Arizona (Chandler High School) Sammie Stroughter-clone, Kolby Taylor, and the next Derrick Doggett in Sherwood, Oregon (Sherwood High School) David Morris. The Beavers also received a verbal from German exchange student, Fabian Kratz, an offensive tackle from Illinois. Throw in Quantino Allen from Florida two weeks ago and you have a huge upswing in speed, talent and recruits for this team.

The main point is that it shows the tenacity of our coaching staff, and that they are finding a way to sell a program that had very little to celebrate last year. In order to turn the program around, this staff needs to get the athletes to do it. To be able to recruit when things look down is a key component to building this team. Two months ago, I was feeling very hopeless about things. Today, I see a little bit of hope, not because the guys that they are signing are these 5-star media darlings, but because they are good players that will work hard and make the team better. All of which is what is needed to build a winner.

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