Recruiting Breakdown: June

As we roll into June, we finish an exciting May in Beaver football recruiting. To get a bearing on where we are at and some of our needs, I wanted to do a little breakdown. This is all just my opinion and not based on any inside information or coaching connection.  I base recruiting needs based on what the team will look like in two years.  Assuming most of the athletes will redshirt, the earliest we can expect them the 2017 class to contribute is their redshirt freshman year. This is not scientific, but just some gross generalizations.

Now, declarations aside, here is our roster in for the start of the 2018 season by numbers:

QB: 2
RB: 3
OWR: 7
IWR: 2
TE: 3
OT: 3
OG: 3
C: 1

DT/NT: 5
DE: 8
OLB: 9
ILB: 4
S: 7
CB: 6

Now these numbers are subject to change as some of these players will move around depending on fit or need and like most years, there will probably be a bit of attrition. But all things being equal, these numbers are about where we will be. As you can see, there are about 7 offensive linemen, 2 QB’s and only 2 inside wide receivers.  Those three offensive positions are set at most to be just 2 deep, and in the case of the offensive line, that is just 2 backups.

On defense, we have a lot of DE’s, DT’s and OLB’s to choose from. The only real area of concern might be ILB.  The 2016 class had a ton of defensive players in it and while some of the big signings didn’t make it in, there is at least a three deep across the line and at linebacker.

Considering that we can only sign 25 players in the Pac-12, below are the numbers I think we need to get for this class to cover for our weaknesses:

QB: 1
RB: 2
OWR: 2
IWR: 2
TE: 1
OT/OG: 3 (1)
C/OG: 2

DT/NT: 2
DE: 2
OLB: 1
ILB: 2 (1)
S: 2
CB: 3

The bold numbers mean that position is full of commitments. The parentheses is the number of commitments for that position.

For this class to be a success, it is not just going to be about numbers or ranking.  A class that has 2 offensive linemen and a bunch of defensive players will not be a good fit.  Another class with seven or eight JC players will just displace the burden to next year.

Right now, OSU has two offensive line targets that are announcing in the next few days.  4* OT Alex Forsyth from West Linn will announce on June 11th and 3* OT Cody Sheer from Sheldon High School will announce on July 5th. Those would be two key pieces to the recruiting puzzle for Oregon State.  Forsyth has been considered a heavy duck lean and there are rumors that he will be committing to the ducks on Friday.

There is a lot of time left and a lot of work to do, but right now the Beavers are chipping away at their needs player by player.  The key will be to keep what they have and continue to convince players that their best chance to be a part of something amazing is in Corvallis and at Oregon State University.

Go Beavs (PRO)


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