Am I a Jerk?

So yesterday, I wrote a blog post whose TLDR would be:

Peter wasn’t impressed with the coaching last year, so he is worried for the future. 

A reader of the blog who I know and respect quite a bit called me out as something that really made me feel a lot of shame:

A fan. 

Now, being a fan has no inherit badness to it.  The problem is, the type of fan he was referring to was the kind that post on article comment sections and just spout out nonsense sprinkled with extreme overreactions.  While I stand by my concerns, his point that the reason he reads the blog is to read things that don’t fall into the typical impatient overreactions that you get in many media outlets really hit home.

I am human, and I have frustrations and will make mistakes, but the reality is, this blog has always been about reporting on my favorite team.  That favorite team is filled with amazing players, stories of people that overcome obstacles, stories of players that were overlooked and are taking the opportunity OSU offers and running with it.  This football program is making engineers, physical therapists, pharmacists, doctors, teachers, Multi-Media Marketers, coaches and more that are going out and trying to make the world better in some small or giant way.  While I may have concerns, it has only been 18 months since Gary Andersen said “I do” and there have been a lot of changes to address some of those worries.

The problem is, I have been focusing on these worries, and missing out on the wins.  OSU got a commitment from Brock Wellsfry, a player from Richland, Washington that is an interesting story and seemingly a great guy.  Yet by reading this blog, you would not know this (that is going to change).  Oregon State is also in the midst of trying to get some nationally recognized players to come to play for Coach Andersen. Not even a whisper of this over the past few months on The Official Candy Report. Coach Andersen has improved the educational component of Oregon State Football and Coach Simon has really taken the strength and conditioning program to a new level.  Of course if your source of Beaver news is this blog, you would know none of this. There are also some pretty amazing alumni like Nick and Josh Mitchell, Alex Linnenkohl and James Gruel that are helping future players reach their full potential that would gladly answer a few questions for this blog in order to help promote what they are doing.

It is fine that I have worries, and there is even a place for that on this blog, but the larger story of what OSU is doing athletically, academically and in communities up, down and all across the country should get equal weight.  I am not a John Canzano, preying on people’s knee jerk anger and short attention spans with sensational garbage.  I am a Beaver fan that loves his team and needs to step up his game a bit and show it.  I don’t regret my post yesterday, but I am ashamed that it is not just one critical post amidst a sea of positivity that Oregon State is producing.  Thanks Sean for calling me out.  I needed it!

Go Beavs (PRO)

4 thoughts on “Am I a Jerk?

  1. nancy osborne

    positive is the best lesson for all fans! The university itself requires more from all students than many old spoon fed universities…. Go Beavers on and off the field!


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