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As some of you may have noticed, Andy Wooldridge has joined Raju and I in the Official Candy Report family.  Andy adds quite a bit of class to our crew with a long history of covering Beaver sports with Building The Dam. He is also a frequent commenter here at the blog and has been someone that I have read and enjoyed the writing of for years now. We are really excited to have him on board!



One thought on “Welcome Andy

  1. Andy Wooldridge

    Thanks, Peter! Glad to be here.

    For those who might have missed the announcement on Building The Dam, after 7 great years, the grind of trying to provide daily content, and coverage of every game in 4 sports, while fun, was exceeding the abilities of myself, and some of my key assistants too for that matter, to be able to sustain given the demands of our real jobs (we all have them, believe it or not!), as well as family needs. Especially when trying to maintain a standard of quality, which I always have believed is more important than quantity.

    Fortunately, Peter has graciously invited me into his piece of the world, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Peter has always maintained a high standard of quality and professionalism, and I look forward to continuing to try to provide insightful and thought provoking coverage of our Beavers, and related things from around the Pac-12 and elsewhere that are of relevance to Beaver Nation.

    We are headed for a very important year at Oregon State, where we will learn if Coach Andersen can round the corner, and begin the climb back up the conference, if Coach Tinkle can replace the flair, as well as the production, of GP II, and continue to grow a great group of now sophomores, and remain in the middle of the Pac-12 battle, if Coach Rueck can reload after the loss of 3 seniors who are all now playing professionally (they were in fact as good as advertised!), and keep the Beavers a factor on the national stage, and whether Coach Casey’s continued highly regarded recruiting can be translated into a return to the post season, and hopefully log a lot of miles on the road to Omaha.

    At the same time, conference realignment and media contract dollars are once again making news nationally, and making university administrators take notice.

    It’s as interesting a time as ever to be a Beaver!


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