Burpees Beat Cancer - Michael Aliotti

Burpees Beat Cancer

A good friend of mine with a familiar last name, Michael Aliotti, is trying to set the record for burpees in a 12 hour period.  The record is 6,800 and he is on pace to break that by about 400. Despite his family ties to the ducks, Michael is an amazing man and a great friend and his quest for the record is also a quest to help fund Cancer Research. As someone that has seen cancer ravage members of his his own family, I jumped at the chance to help out Michael in this endeavor.

His attempt to reach today the record is live here:


And his website for donations is here:


Anyway, for those of you that have done many burpees, you can probably understand that 7,200 in a day is a big deal.  Thanks in advance for not punching me in the face when you see me for having a good friend who is also a duck coach legacy.

One thought on “Burpees Beat Cancer

  1. Andy Wooldridge

    72 in 24 hours is a big deal, never mind 7,200.

    Things that help awareness and research and treatment to make progress against horrible and devastating maladies like cancer are common foes Beavers and Ducks, and Huskies and Cougs as well, can join arms and work together on.


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