The Official Candy Report: Colorado

So it is Wednesday and I am a day late.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say after the game in Colorado.  Sure, there was a lot wrong that we have all munched on and spit out across the internet and water coolers of Oregon businesses.  it is a difficult time for Beaver fans because the reality of a giant rebuild really sucks.  We keep looking for faith builders but are faced each and every Saturday with a reality of how far we have to go.

Not to take anything away from Colorado, they are a good team, but OSU had some moments where you realize that while a win was not in the cards, competitive play could have been. The thing with team sports is that you can get blown out when just four of the 11 people on each side of the ball are outmatched.  Or even 3. Sometimes even 1. But that doesn’t mean that good things are not also happening and that players are not playing well.  I think Art Pierce is going to be a running back that teams are going to have to scheme against in a way we have not seen since the days of Simonton and Bernard.  I think that Seth Collins is a fiery talent that really has filled the role of reliable receiver with his exceptional hands.  There are pieces that are showing they belong in this conference and are going to make names for themselves.

I was also impressed with how well Gus Lavaka did in his first game of extended playing time.  Gus was solid for most of the game, is a load to move for defenders and did a great job just doing the right things and being in position. He had his bad moments, and Colorado’s rush was not exceptional, but he gave me hope for the future. I also felt like we found Dustin Stanton’s home at guard.  He did very well on double teams, on second level blocking and he didn’t have to deal with speed rushes that have been hurting him this year.  I feel like he is going to end up having a good year for us.

There were obviously a ton of bad moments, and the Beavers are a long way from that feeling that any week can be a win.  But there are pieces that are starting to appear that give my hope some signs of life.  I don’t think we win this week, and my score prediction for Scout this week was more a weariness at being negative than an objective opinion on he game. But I am seeing sparks here and there and I am hoping that some of them catch fire and take the Beavers to new heights.

The Halloween Spice Drop Award of Excellence:
I honestly don’t know that anyone was excellent this week.  Pobreski is the closest but I have a special award I am working on for him.  So for the first time in the 11 years of Candy Reports (yes, it has been that long) I am going to give this award to someone other than a Beaver player.  I am giving it to Washington State.  Honestly, that was amazing.  Not only do they give all of the card carrying, vagina sign flashing bandwagon fans from Eugene a collective cup check, but they did it in the most embarrassing way.  A team that has finished last in rushing yards and rushing points in the NCAA the last two years rushed for nearly 300 yards and 6 TDs against them.  That is awesome!

The Jujifruit Award of Getting Better All The Time:
I want to again throw out some love to Gus Lavaka for his work in his first game, but I really have to give this to Art Pierce.  His running style is fast, with great vision, aggressive moves and power all blended into one.  Everything he does feels decisive and like he was shot out of a cannon. As a former offensive lineman myself, I really respond well to runners like Pierce who cuts off blocks well, sees the hole and keeps me from having to block forever.  I think Pierce will end up being an amazing back for OSU.  With our line struggles, I think of how well he will do as we improve up front.  Pierce gained over 7 yards per carry against the Buffaloes and was really the brightest star on offense for our team.

The Good ‘N Plenty Award of Shame:
I really have no idea who this should go to. Ducks lost badly, I didn’t see a lot of crazy bad calls from refs, ESPN has been largely removed from my life.  So what is there to complain about?  I guess nothing.  I am sure this next week will disappoint me in some way, but right now I am drawing a blank.

EXCEPT fro CRAZY MACHETE guy at Colorado.  That was a weird, weird event and something that is sad on many levels.

Other than that, I got nothin’.



One thought on “The Official Candy Report: Colorado

  1. Andy Wooldridge

    Having just been there last weekend, the reports of the guy with the machette that had to be neutralized were eerily shocking. (It tends to underscore that the dumb clear plastic bags policies that are popping up everywhere, including now at Folsom Field, have nothing to do with actually increasing safety against those actually intent on mayhem and violence, but that’s a separate story.)

    I too was quite pleased with Artavius Pierce. I’m finding myself repeatedly saying that I see him as a real player at the Pac-12 level, even in the midst of generally disastrous play that isn’t at that level. Same with Porebski. There’s nothing they can do except excel at doing their part, and both are certainly doing that.


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