McMaryion Now The Man

Marcus McMaryion, who was 5 of 9 passing to finish the game Saturday against Utah, will be the starting quarterback for Oregon State this coming week against Washington.

Darell Garretson, who started the first 6 games of the season, is done for the season, after suffering a broken ankle in the 4th quarter against the Utes. Surgery is on the agenda early this week.

And Connor Blount, the walk-on true freshman that lead the Beavers’ second half rally against Boise State, and played the majority of the game at Colorado in relief of Garretson, is also out indefinitely, including this Saturday for sure, after suffering an apparently serious left knee injury shortly after taking over for Garretson. The training staff spent Monday working to get the swelling down enough for an MRI to fully assess the injury. While Blount hasn’t been ruled out for the season, his return doesn’t appear to be imminent.

Going with a 3rd string quarterback, along with running back Ryan Nall being questionable, and back in a walking boot today, are the leading reasons why Oregon State opened as anywhere from a 4 touchdown plus all the way up to a 35 point, full 5 td road underdog, depending on which Las Vegas line-maker you prefer to use, to Washington.

Giving Garretson’s extreme inaccuracy, the switch to McMaryion might actually be a boost to the Beavers’ passing offense, which in 3 years has gone from first in the Pac-12 to a distant last, and one of the worst in the country, currently ranking 121st in the country, out of 128 FBS teams.

But what if something happens to McMaryion, which is a distinct possibility, given that the 5th ranked Huskies’ defense is the one defense in the Pac-12 that is bigger and badder than Utah’s?

As a result, Seth Collins, who was Oregon State’s quarterback for the first portion of last season, before converting to wide receiver, will take some snaps in practice, as will freshman Mason Moran, whom Oregon State head coach Gary Andersen is hoping to red-shirt.

And former Utah State quarterback Chuckie Keaton, now an assistant coach for the Beavers, is suiting up again, to run the scout team in practice.

“I don’t think it’s gonna be any surprise attack if Seth plays a little quarterback, with what he’s done in the past,” Andersen said in today’s press conference. “So we’ll see where it takes us.”

The Beavers will also be going north with only 1 healthy tight end with any playing experience, Tuli Wily-Matagi, who made his first start against Utah, as Ricky Ortiz will be out again, along with Noah Togiai, who has been out since the season opener at Minnesota.

Freshman linebacker Joah Robinett had his arm in a sling today, and is expected to miss the Husky game as well.

At least the Beavers will have the maximum possible time to recover afterwards, as starting time for the following week’s Homecoming game against Washington State was also announced today.

The game against the Cougs on Sept. 29 won’t start until after 7:45 PM, but those who stay home from Homecoming won’t have trouble watching the game. After 4 straight weeks of being relegated to the Pac-12 Network, and 5 times in 6 weeks, the game will be on ESPN2, in their night-cap game.

Given its the Air Raid, though the game will likely be over before mid-night (unless overtime occurs), its unlikely anyone who doesn’t leave early will have exited Reser before 11:30. It is, however, Oregon State’s first really late game since opening night.

#Pac-12LongLongAfterDark is back!

(Photo by Andy Wooldridge)

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