Oregon State 2017 Football Dates Set

We don’t have any kickoff times or tv channel assignments yet, but we do know who the Beavers will play on what day this coming football season.

With it being a Civil War road game year, there will be 6 games at Reser, 4 of which will be conference contests, the only 4 during term, when the students will be on campus.

The only bye will set up a sole Thursday night game, one of the home games, though there will be 2 open Saturdays in October for OSU fans, and only 1 Saturday home game between the end of September and late November. There will also be 1 Friday game, as the Civil War will be the day after Thanksgiving.

The season will open on Saturday, Sept. 2, when Oregon State hosts Portland State. The Beavers also host Minnesota on Sept. 9, before embarking on back to back road games.

The Pac-12 campaign opens at Washington State, on Sept. 16, and then the Beavers will play at Colorado State on Sept. 23.

Oregon State will then face the likely favorites to meet in the conference Championship game in back to back weeks, hosting Washington on Sept. 30, and then traveling to USC on Oct. 7. This sends the Beavers to LA in back to back years, and 3 out of 4 seasons. USC begins their 2 year stint as the LA opponent for Oregon State, replacing UCLA.

Oregon State returns home for their only Saturday home game in October, hosting Colorado on Oct. 14. 12 days later is the Thursday night game, when Stanford visits on October 26. After having a number of conference games on Thursday nights in recent years, this is the only conference game on a Thursday this year, with the other weeknight games on Fridays. Why Oregon State and Stanford were singled out is unknown.

The schedule is back-loaded with road games, with half of them in November.

The Beavers head to Berkeley to take on California on November 4th, and will spend Veteran’s Day in Tucson, taking on Arizona. The holiday on Friday will make this road trip easier than it often is for Beaver fans.

The last home game of the season is the following Saturday, when Arizona State returns to the schedule rotation, after a 2 year absence, and returns to Reser for the first meeting between the Sun Devils and the Beavers since the 2014 freezer bowl upset.

The campaign closes out with the Civil War, on Friday, November 24 at Autzen.

This year and next Oregon State will miss Utah.

With half the home schedule in September, and the early start to the conference campaign in the 3rd week of the season, it will be important for the Beavers to get off to a faster start in 2017 than in the last few years. The extensive road trips late in the season will serve as a test to the maturity of the team, which won’t be able to leverage Reser to the degree they were able late in last season.


2 thoughts on “Oregon State 2017 Football Dates Set

  1. Andy Wooldridge Post author

    For traffic jam planning purposes, both Oregon and Oregon State play at home on the same date 4 times, including the first 2 weekends of the season. This is potentially unfortunate on the second weekend, when 2 B1G teams make very rare visits to the Pac-12, and both are in the same state, and 45 minutes apart, on the same day, when Nebraska (and Mike Riley) visit Oregon the same day that Minnesota comes to Oregon State.

    On the flip side, perhaps an early/late start, like 12:30 & 7 PM, could produce an opportunity to take in both games, similar to the Oregon teams’ trip to the Michigan schools, something a significant number of fans would like to do.

    The other significant conflict date is Sept. 30, when California comes to Oregon, and Washington comes to Oregon State. Both games will be one of the better draws for both programs. I5 could be packed. It could also be another chance for an interesting double header, but don’t count on it.

    The other conflict will be November 18th, when Arizona State visits Reser, and Arizona is at Autzen. That shouldn’t be as big of a traffic issue, as the Arizona schools’ fan bases don’t travel, least of all to northwest schools in late November. In recent years, the teams don’t even show up.

    There are also 3 weekends when both Oregon schools are on the road, including the 34d & 4th Saturdays in September, and also the first weekend in November, when Oregon State goes to Berkeley and Oregon to Seattle.

    There are 2 other Saturdays when there will be no FBS football in the state on the weekend, as both Oregon and Oregon State are on the road in the other team’s bye week. Having 5 weekends with no local football, when there are also 4 weekends with potentially too much local football, is far less than optimal scheduling.

    Also, after several years when both Oregon schools would visit the Bay Area on the same weekend, and also both host a Bay Area school on another weekend, which produced some interesting times on I5, for the second year in a row, this scheduling quirk more common to basketball will no occur. Not sure if this was a planned change or just a coincidence of other scheduling.

    And in another scheduling oddity this year sees not only a game that equals the earliest meeting ever between Oregon State and Washington State, to the day, tied with 1989, on Sept. 16, and also a game that equals to the day, the earliest meeting with Washington, on Sept. 30. The Beavers and Huskies only prior September meeting was Sept. 30, 1995.

    1. dubface

      Can’t have it all. For our program’s purposes, the scheduling is optimal because it sets them up to win games. Sure, the fans might not have the best of times navigating traffic and weather and times, but they’ll make more of an effort if the team is good.


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