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What Will Help Vs What Will Make A Difference

There hasn’t been a lot written in this space of late because there is only so much to say about a lost season that was over before Thanksgiving. How many times do the same deficiencies need to be re-analyzed?

Lately, watching Oregon State basketball has regressed to the point of being demoralizing, something akin to watching a late 19th century buffalo shooting expedition. The outcome is known before things even begin, with only the exact timing of when it gets out of hand, and the final deficit to be determined.

In an attempt to preserve sanity, and watch some actual good basketball, I’ve been taking a closer look at Arizona, UCLA, Oregon, and even Utah, and also looking outside the Pac-12, at the likes of Gonzaga and St. Mary’s, and also not just Kansas, but also Iowa State and West Virginia. And the Connecticut women’s program, which has just moved past the historic 100 win in a row milestone.

Beyond just seeing some non-cringeworthy hoops, I’ve also been revisiting what the apparent differences are between well run programs, and the local one that will be hard pressed to not repeat what I had thought I’d never see again in my lifetime, let alone within a few years of seeing it happen the first time; go winless in the Pac-12.

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Oregon State Signing Day Observations

Today was National Letter of Intent day for football, and Oregon State had some successes and some disappointments, which was about as expected.

Most of the expected/hoped for signees had their electronic signatures on file early in the day, which made the day a bit anti-climatic, compared to some recent years, when there were occasionally an out-of-the-blue late addition. That indicated Coach Gary Andersen had the class pretty buttoned up in advance, with adjustments in place for the 9 de-commits Oregon State had.

That 5 of the commits are already in school helps too.

“We got in a whole bunch of big-boy fights for recruits,” Andersen said. “We didn’t win them all, but we won our fair share, which was great to see.”

The lack of surprises also lent itself to the highly orchestrated series of short av clips released over the course of the day that represents how signing day was handled. Gone are the days of allowing investors and interested parties into the festivities, lest someone ask an inconvenient question. Even press participation was by invitation, not application, not that there’s a big push, what with more notable signing day lists forming up and down the freeway from here.

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