Washington State Outclasses Oregon State

Washington State outclassed Oregon State Saturday afternoon, rolling to a 52-23 win. And this after the Beavers played their best game so far this season!

The number of coverage and read errors were down, and the Oregon State defense actually made some stops, got their first 3 sacks of the season, got a safety, and blocked a field goal.

Yet the Beavers flat out got beat (time and time again), as the 21st ranked Cougars repeatedly abused an overmatched secondary.

Luke Falk, above, had his 2nd career 6 touchdown game (the other one came at Oregon State’s expense as well), and became the first Cougar quarterback ever to beat any team 4 times. Falk completed 37 of 49 passes, 76%, for 396 yards.

“If that’s not a great college quarterback, I’ve never seen one in my life,” Oregon State coach Gary Andersen said. “He’s as impressive as any quarterback I’ve been around.”

Tavares Martin had a highlight real day, with 10 catches for 194 yards, and 3 touchdowns, while Isaiah Johnson-Mack, below, had 9 catches for 79 yards and 2 more scores.

And while losing the game badly was bad enough, the Beavers also might have lost their quarterback, as Jake Luton was knocked out of the game literally, and spent ~15 minutes laying on the Martin Stadum turf before being taken to the hospital.

The good news is about 3 hours after the game, Luton was released to return home.

With 2 weeks until the Beavers’ next game, Luton has some time to recover from the scary hit, but his status will be to be determined.

Prior to his getting koed in the 4th quarter, Luton, above, had had a fairly decent day, completing 22 of 35 attempts, for 179 yards. However, he also suffered a blind-side sack on the first play of the 4th quarter, on a corner back blitz by the Cougars’ Marcellus Pippins, which resulted in a fumble, and a scoop and scamper 40 yard touchdown by Frankie Luvu, which made it 49-16.

Why Luton was still in a long lost game, and especially why he was running, was another highly questionable circumstance at best. Luton has to understand fighting for a 1st down and winding up in the hospital as a result in an alreadly lost cause is unlikely to help the Beavers win a future game as well, especially if his coach doesn’t either.

Oregon State can point to some positives, as Ryan Nall, above, had 118 yards and 2 touchdowns, including a 45 yarder midway in the 3rd quarter, which cut the deficit to 28-16. Nall also had 3 catches for 12 yards.

Jordan Villamin, above, had 6 catches for a team high 55 yards for the Beavers, and Seth Collins returned to action for the first time this season, after missing the first 3 games with a broken finger, with a team high 7 catches, for 39 yards, but also a touchdown, below.

The Beavers also did a great job of neutralizing Washington State’s 2 defensive standouts, limiting Peyton Pelluer to 2 tackles, and rendering Hercules Mata’afa a non-factor.

Yet it was an un-noticeable accomplishment, as was the fact that the Oregon State defense, which got an unexpected boost when Xavier Crawford, originally ruled out of the game, played, shut down the Washington State bubble screens.

The Cougars just kept coming on both sides of the ball, and found what worked.

The Beavers got pressure on Falk more than any other quarterback faced this season, and yet frequently Falk had extensive time to throw, and the results eventually included multiple crossing route completions, as well as 2 4th down conversions for touchdowns, and, after Nall’s big run, a 3 rd and long, after back to back sacks, 57 yard touchdown bomb from Falk to Martin, below.

Washington State’s large, but not that large, wide receivers were unstoppable by the Oregon State secondary, which was without CB Dwayne Williams, and played 2/3 of the game without Jalen Moore. David Morris, the defensive star of the game last week for the Beavers, also left the game in the 3rd quarter, though he did return later.

The Oregon State defense, which allowed more points in the first 3 games of the season than any other Beaver team ever, has now also allowed more points in the first 4 games of the season than any other Beaver team ever.

The Beavers also effectively gave another score away, when Nick Porebski fumbled a high punt snap, setting the Cougars up with a short field that resulted in an easier than it should have been touchdown. And it came 4 seconds before Oregon State would have escaped to halftime.

“We got beat on both sides of the football, and special teams played a part,” Andersen said. “It wasn’t a good outing.”

The bottom line is Oregon State is putting a Big Sky level program on the field. Which would be ok if they were playing in the Big Sky conference. And charging Big Sky prices.

But they are playing in the Pac-12, and charging accordingly.

The result was the 12th blowout road loss (and a now 0-13 road record) of the Gary Andersen era. And it was made worse by a pair of personal foul penalties for chippy exchanges.

The now 1-3, 0-1 in the Pac-12, Beavers, after their bye week, will next face 6th ranked Washington, and the week after that, visit 4th ranked USC.


(Photos by Andy Wooldridge)

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