Beleaguered Beavers In A Bad Spot For Everyone

Oregon State takes on USC in the LA Coliseum tomorrow afternoon, and its probably not going to end well. The Beavers have not won in the Coliseum since 1960, and haven’t won on the road since Boulder in 2014. Since Gary Andersen took over 3 years ago, they haven’t even come close on the road except last year at Minnesota, the only road loss not by multiple scores.

For all of these reasons and many more, the Beavers are 34 ½ point road underdogs against the 14th ranked Trojans, who will be motivated to change impressions after their 30-27 loss in Pullman last Friday night to now 11th ranked Washington State.

An OSU win is almost certainly out of the question, so the main item of interest is whether the Beavers can even cover the spread, which has been growing on a weekly basis. At some point they will, even though they haven’t yet this year, if for no other reason than an ever more ridiculous expected margin will eventually not be met based solely on how one team’s 3rd string does against another team’s hodge-podge of 2nd & 3rd string players, in an exercise that has no relevance to how good either team actually is.

But when one has to settle for evaluating just how bad the Beavers are, and must resort to seeing if freshmen who should be redshirted make a few good plays to offset getting beaten badly multiple times (if you can bear to do so, listen to the radio call tomorrow, where that’s exactly what you will hear), then it’s a misguided effort, with the attention focused in the wrong place.

There is a huge difference between whether the Oregon State defense can get a stop, and whether they can make a difference in the outcome of the game. Especially with a continuing inert offense.

It’s probably going to be another poor looking poor performance, which is part of why the university never takes the trips to the Coliseum seriously. Why expend more than the minimum resources on a lost cause?

Mostly because that approach only exacerbates the problem. Players notice, and actions carry more weight than anything Coach Andersen might say. So do recruits, both for the team and the university in general.

It’s also a bad deal for the entire conference, since the Oregon State-USC game is the only conference game that will end in the daylight, or even kickoff before its dark in the east & Midwest this week. Or it would be were it not hidden on the Pac-12 Network, which will soon reach more people in China than it will in the Pac-12 footprint.

All the more important Pac-12 games, and all the ones more likely to still be in some way in doubt midway through the 3rd quarter, will be a part of #Pac12LongAfterDark.

It appears at least that Oregon State has responded to their investors and customers complaints about night games by getting more early afternoon games. Fielding an uncompetitive team no one wants to put on in a time frame when there might not be a multitude of better viewing options wasn’t the approach people were paying for though.

In predicted temperatures above 90 degrees, its unlikely USC will be at their best either. And that won’t be good for the conference’s image, and marketability, in either the short or the long haul either.

At least the game will be over in time to watch the stream of Fresno State’s game at San Jose State, in which Marcus McMaryion, who has more wins as the starting quarterback at Oregon State than anyone else currently on the roster, is expected to lead the Bulldogs to a win that will put them above .500 for the season despite having played at both Alabama and Washington (where they didn’t get beat as badly as the Beavers did last week at Reser).

If that’s too frustrating a refresher about roster mismanagement, then there is the option of the Washington State at Oregon game. An actual compelling contest that should produce a great in-stadium experience. And a sell out. Between northwest teams. Minutes from Reser. Tickets were still available a day before the game for half what people were expected to shell out for comparable seats to see last week’s whipping of Oregon State by Washington.

Remind me again why we are supposed to be patient with this state of affairs?

(Photo by Andy Wooldridge)

4 thoughts on “Beleaguered Beavers In A Bad Spot For Everyone

  1. thembeavers

    at least the parking at the home games have gotten easier……

    At least the game was fast…the last home game felt like it was only 2:30hrs

    1. Andy Wooldridge Post author

      This shouldn’t be the preferred solution to the parking problem, though!

      It felt more like 4:30 to me, though that’s because I stayed to the end; whereas most who did come did leave before they had been there for 2:30.

  2. Navy Beaver

    Instead of ranting, raving and bitching on BeaverBlitz & The Candy Report. Why don’t we aim all our wasted energy away from the message boards and such? Why not inundate Mr. Barnes and President Ray with well reasoned complaints about the floundering FB program? I get nothing from GA or Barnes on BeaverBlitz – but coach talk! I get “zero” from the AD’s office or any other OSU source for that matter! It strikes me that the ordinary fan has been eliminated from the minds of powers that be and they care only for big donors, I guess I understand about that, maybe?

    1. Andy Wooldridge Post author

      I would hope that all the investors and customers are also already voicing their concerns to the powers that be as well. That said, Mr. Barnes was Gary Andersen’s hand-picked choice for the job, and I doubt he will say or do anything, even if doing so would actually be in Andersen’s best interest. His recent vote of confidence in the middle of the current debacle would tend to confirm that.

      The largest investors do tend to have the greatest individual influence, and I can understand that, given the relative number of $s they have invested. The problem is the system is set up so that those who discontinue or even reduce their level of investment loose their place in the pecking order as far as preferred seats & parking, etc. go, and so far, not very many have pulled the plug on their season tickets & level of extra investment, wanting to keep them for the day when they are worth it again. This is why the ticket distribution numbers have been as good as they have been, grossly exaggerating actual attendance. So a fair amount of $s are still rolling in, even if there’s a 7 figure sum that isn’t each home game.

      Its unfortunate and disappointing that it appears there will need to be an even larger exodus of investors and customers before the administration will deem it necessary to take action to address the problem, vs. trying to use sunshine spin to attract and encourage the inevitable annual wave of newcomers.


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