Trench Report

Starting in 2015, The Official Candy Report is going to try and grade the offensive line for each game. For those that have never done this, it is a pretty time consuming process, so hopefully this will post every Wednesday following a Beaver game. All reports are just the opinion of one Peter Riley Osborne and do not reflect the opinions of OSU coaches or ex-players. Or reality.  I am not a coach, nor does anyone want me to be. I am just a fan who loves the offensive line and offensive line play and wanted to geek out on it a little bit more.

In most cases, a group of five players can get dicey. You can have four guys playing great, and then one blows it and makes them all look bad. So I wanted to use the grading system that I know to not just grade their performance, but also to give a shout out to the guys who are consistently getting it done.

The grading system is simple:

1 – The block led to a touchdown or huge game-changing play.
2 – The block was exceptional and led to domination over their opponent.
3 – The block was the bare minimum to make the play work. The lineman did his job, but not in a way that dominated the opponent. So basically, an average block that may have only lead to a few yard gain.
4 – This play was a negative game-changer. A hold or other penalty, giving up a bad sack, or whiffing on a player that makes a huge play. No bueno.

Grades are not just whole numbers but can also have a .5.  Players can get a 2.5 grade, for example, on a play to indicate they not only did their job but did actually got a very good block.  Not dominant, but enough to get the play extra yards.  An average grade of 2.5 is the goal. You want to dominate your opponent and help all plays work. An average of 3+ means you did OK, and didn’t necessarily hurt the team, but didn’t help a lot either. An average of 3.5 means you got worked most of the game, which probably contributed to a loss.

Offensive line grades are also not related to play success.  Your center and guard could dominate their guys to a degree of getting a 2 grade, but the running back could have fallen down or fumbled the hand off.  That is not the line’s fault and they will not be punished for it.

A team average of below 3 means your team most likely had a very successful offensive game. A team average of below 2.5 and you probably have some all conference performers. A team average of above 3 means you might have won, but there is a lot of work to do.

I will not post my full ratings of every play. If you are interested in that, you can contact us at theofficialcandyreport at gmail dot com. If I know you and can trust you, I will share my notes, but ask that all comments and figures remain private as this is not meant to be argumentative or hurtful. Just fun peeps, just fun.