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Oregon State Has A Stanford Problem

Oregon State had a Stanford problem Saturday night. Again.

For the 10th time in 10 years, Stanford found a way to win a game against Oregon State, and Beaver fans came away from the contest frustrated.

In the decade, Oregon State has had some good teams, some that were at least capable of competing for a while, and some that were flat out uncompetitive. Especially against Stanford. During that time, the Cardinal have had a lot of good teams, and some that were not as good as their record. This year’s Stanford squad looks like it fits in the latter grouping.

But as usual, Stanford was better when it mattered, even if not overall, and got the 31-28 win.

The game was delayed 15 minutes by a thunderstorm, and then the first quarter was played in a deluge. For some reason, most of normal warmups after the local lightning strike were skipped, as was the National Anthem. Despite the disruption, Oregon State started the game with a lot of energy. Perhaps because of the disruption, the Beavers played the first half, without  the focus to match that energy.

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Stanford “Happens” To Oregon State Again

This Time Its 26-15 Cardinal

It was the typical and perfect autumn afternoon for football in Palo Alto today, complete with tail gaters, the battling bands, and 70 degree sunny weather. The atmosphere was one of cordial but edgy competitiveness that can be a precursor to one of those “instant classics”.

Band High 5

Then kickoff time came, and “Stanford football” broke out.

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Final Thoughts On Another Trip To The Farm

Trips to “The Farm”, which is what the Stanford campus is called, the University having been built on founder Leland Stanford’s farm, have been painful to the point of brutal for Beaver fans for nearly a decade, since the beginning of the Jim Harbaugh/David Shaw era.

It really shouldn’t be, as the rebuilt Stanford Stadium is one of the nicer stadiums in the conference (or would be if they would replace their bog of a field with a modern turf), on one of the most picturesque campuses in the country.

The weather today is going to be beautiful, in the 70’s and sunny, as is often the case. And it’s a day game, so the fact that they only put up about half the lights they should have during the rebuild is not an issue today.

Access and egress is a breeze, in total contrast to the berserk mess across the bay in Berkeley (which will probably discourage a fair number of OSU fans from doing the double, and catching the evening game between Washington and California.

But recent trips to Palo Alto have either been painful losses, including what turned out to be blowing a Rose Bowl trip in August, and giving away the game on an unforced fumble in 2012.

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