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Husky Defense Hammers Beavers

Prominent talking points around the Pac-12 this season have been about how the Washington Purple Reign defense isn’t what it has been, and how efficient the Oregon State offense has been.

Both were, and still are, true.

But Jimmy Lake and Pete Kwiatkowski, the Huskies Defensive Coordinator and Co-Coordinator had none of it Friday night at Reser Stadium though.

From the get-go, Washington shut down the Oregon State offense, and as a result, despite what was arguably the best defensive performance by the Beavers since well back into the days when Mark Banker was actually a successful defensive coordinator, the Huskies claimed the 19-7 win.

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The Jonathan Smith Era After A Month

The Jonathan Smith era at Oregon State is already a month long. We have seen some progress on staff hiring, though not as much as hoped or expected, and we have not only had the first ever December signing period for recruits, but also some time to digest it.

So far, its been a rather underwhelming experience.

Smith was a popular hire, and given his track record at Washington, Boise State, and really, Montana too, there’s reason to believe he might just pull the Beavers out of their current tailspin / head long dive into the ditch, the likes of which have not been seen since the Jerry Pettibone debacle.

But the events of Smith’s first month back in Corvallis haven’t done anything to warrant optimism that the climb will come quickly, or even in sizable steps.

Easily the most notable event was the hiring of twice former head coach Mike Riley as an assistant head coach, though one without an assignment, as Smith and Riley both are taking the approach that Riley will be in part a mentor, and will pick up whatever assignments Smith’s other assistant coach hires don’t cover, assuming those ever get completed.

The hiring came at Riley’s suggestion, as he contemplated offers to join Chip Kelley at UCLA, and a B1G Ten team.

It could prove to be a good move, given that so far, there is no one else in the program that has any head coaching experience, anywhere, at any level, Smith included.

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Colorado Pulls Out Down To The Wire Win

Colorado threw Oregon State’s Ryan Nall for a 3 yard loss that forced the Beavers’ field goal attempt to force overtime that would have been good from 50 yards out to fall a couple of yards short when Jordan Choukair, who had hit 4 earlier attempts, had to try it from 52 yards.

That was the difference in the Pac-12 battle that saw 5 lead changes, including 4 on the 4 drives prior to the missed field goal that all ended in the end zone, as the Buffs pulled out the 36-33 win that spoiled Oregon State interim head coach Cory Hall’s head coaching debut, and the Beavers’ Homecoming celebration that featured the remaining members of the 1967 Giant Killers team.

Hall, also the Beavers’ cornerbacks coach, took over the team on Monday, after Gary Andersen and the university mutually decided to part ways.

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So Now What, Oregon State?

The season, and the Gary Andersen era, has gone up in a cloud of smoke. But to the credit of both Oregon State’s administration and Andersen, rather than run things further into the ground with no benefit, a mutual agreement for all parties to move on was reached, and all concerned can get started with starting over.

It’s not going to be a quick fix, or a cheap one, and its going to take more work on all fronts than anyone expects. But that’s the nature of things like this, and was already a foregone conclusion, given how badly things have gone off the rails. And as noted, it gets Beaver Nation started on the restart.

So what can we expect?

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Gary Andersen Out As Oregon State Coach

In a joint statement issued today by Oregon State University from Head Football Coach Gary Andersen, Athletic Director Scott Barnes, and University President Ed Ray, Andersen and the University have mutually agreed to part ways, effective immediately.

Assistant Coach Cory Hall, who is the team’s cornerbacks coach, will be the interim head coach, while a national search for a replacement is conducted.

Importantly, and in an unprecedented move, Andersen also agreed to waive the remainder of his contract.

“After many discussions with Scott, waiving my contract is the correct decision, and enables the young men and the program to move forward, and concentrate on the rest of this season,” Andersen said. “Coaching is not about the mighty dollar. It is about teaching and putting young men in a position to succeed on and off the field.”

“Coach Andersen’s decision to waive his remaining compensation is unprecedented in major college athletics,” Barnes said. “His decision is made for the right reasons and values, and it speaks volumes about the kind of honorable person that Gary Andersen is.”

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USC Capitalizes And Oregon State Doesn’t

USC capitalized on Oregon State’s miscues and break downs much better than the Beavers took advantage of mistakes and sloppiness by the Trojans Saturday afternoon in the LA Coliseum, and as a result, took the 38-10 win that continues a whole host of streaks not in Oregon State’s favor.

The Trojans took a 2 touchdown lead just over 6 minutes into the game. Then they fumbled the ball to the Beavers a couple of times. But Oregon State dropped a pair of first half touchdown passes, and failed to convert on 2 field goal attempts. Later on, the Beavers would fail on an ill-advised attempt at converting a 4th and 2, probably prompted by the problems with the kicking game. When the Trojans also eventually faced a 4th & 2, they converted to keep the drive alive, and eventually go on to score a touchdown.

It was the sloppiest game the 14th ranked Trojans have played all season, but the reasons the Beavers covered the spread for the first time this year were it had grown to ridiculous proportions, 34 1/2 points, and USC coach Clay Helton pulled his starters early in the 4th quarter, and then directed his reserves to hand the ball back to Oregon State rather than punch in a second touchdown when they could have, a thank you for the Beavers not rushing the extra point kick when the Trojans again used their blind backup long snapper Jake Olson.

Despite the three first half USC turnovers, Oregon State got not points off of them, and still struggled and self destructed more than enough times to still not have beat the Trojans in the LA Coliseum since 1960, and have lost 16 in a row on the road. That includes going 0 for 14 in the Gary Andersen era, with 13 of them being blowouts.

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Beleaguered Beavers In A Bad Spot For Everyone

Oregon State takes on USC in the LA Coliseum tomorrow afternoon, and its probably not going to end well. The Beavers have not won in the Coliseum since 1960, and haven’t won on the road since Boulder in 2014. Since Gary Andersen took over 3 years ago, they haven’t even come close on the road except last year at Minnesota, the only road loss not by multiple scores.

For all of these reasons and many more, the Beavers are 34 ½ point road underdogs against the 14th ranked Trojans, who will be motivated to change impressions after their 30-27 loss in Pullman last Friday night to now 11th ranked Washington State.

An OSU win is almost certainly out of the question, so the main item of interest is whether the Beavers can even cover the spread, which has been growing on a weekly basis. At some point they will, even though they haven’t yet this year, if for no other reason than an ever more ridiculous expected margin will eventually not be met based solely on how one team’s 3rd string does against another team’s hodge-podge of 2nd & 3rd string players, in an exercise that has no relevance to how good either team actually is.

But when one has to settle for evaluating just how bad the Beavers are, and must resort to seeing if freshmen who should be redshirted make a few good plays to offset getting beaten badly multiple times (if you can bear to do so, listen to the radio call tomorrow, where that’s exactly what you will hear), then it’s a misguided effort, with the attention focused in the wrong place.

There is a huge difference between whether the Oregon State defense can get a stop, and whether they can make a difference in the outcome of the game. Especially with a continuing inert offense.

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Washington Adjustments Throttle Oregon State

Sixth ranked and still unbeaten Washington not only did what all good teams would have done, they did what, well, all teams have done Saturday night at Reser Stadium. The Huskies’ offensive coordinator and play caller Jonathan Smith got in a corner in the basement of Gill Coliseum (that’s where visiting teams to Reser are banished to) with quarterback Jake Browning, WR Dante Pettis, RBs Myles Gaskin and Lavon Coleman, and his offensive line, and made adjustments based on what a pesky but overmatched Oregon State team had shown in a first half that ended with the Beavers within 7 points, down only 7-0 to the defending Pac-12 North and Conference Champions.

The result was 35 straight points. 28 of them came in a matter of 16 minutes, as the Huskies roared off to a 42-7 win.

The story in all 5 of Oregon State’s games this season is about how the Beavers’ opponents made half time adjustments, while he Oregon State staff makes no discernable changes, and in no way responds to what their opponents do differently.

Its why 1-4 Oregon State has been out-scored 79-21 in the 3rd quarter, and 147-49 over the entirety of the second half this season, and would be winless had Portland State, who is winless, had a kicker.

It’s also why Washington recorded a 6th straight win over Oregon State, and their 5th consecutive complete and absolute blowout destruction of the Beavers, who have still never beaten a Chris Petersen coached team.

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All The News That Isn’t In The Bye Week

As Oregon State quitely goes through the first of two bye weeks, and the first week of classes on the Corvallis campus, the silence has been significant.

Other than the news at the beginning of the week that quarterback Jake Luton will not only be ok, he might even be back later in the season, there’s been no news. After the Beavers’ atrocious 1-3 start that’s that good only through sheer luck, and after 3 massive blowouts, a bye week is the time one might expect to see something changed, as there is extra time to actually work on whatever changes are made to something that flat isn’t working.

Not that there are all that many options for a college football team; you can’t pick up players off the waiver wire.

But a program wallowing along at a 4-21 clip against FBS competition since the arrival of head coach Gary Andersen, and doing it with ever fewer paying customers watching, you would think would not only try something different, they would make sure everyone knows about it.

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Washington State Outclasses Oregon State

Washington State outclassed Oregon State Saturday afternoon, rolling to a 52-23 win. And this after the Beavers played their best game so far this season!

The number of coverage and read errors were down, and the Oregon State defense actually made some stops, got their first 3 sacks of the season, got a safety, and blocked a field goal.

Yet the Beavers flat out got beat (time and time again), as the 21st ranked Cougars repeatedly abused an overmatched secondary.

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