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Thoughts On The Khalil Tate Phenomena And Oregon State In The Desert

Oregon State takes on Arizona tonight in Tucson. Its a rare (for the Beavers) actually nationally televised game on ESPN2, but the buzz won’t be about the visitors; the relatively large scale attention is entirely about the ‘Cats phenomenal phenome quarterback Khalil Tate.

Tate only took over as Arizona’s QB after Brandon Dawkins was rode into the bench in the ‘Cats first drive of their 5th game of the year at Colorado, and he’s already become a candidate to at least get an invite to New York for the Heisman Trophy presentation.

Tate became the first person ever to be named the PCC/Pac-8/10/12 conference offensive Player of the Week 4 weeks in a row, in a magical October winning streak.

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Luton Emerges At Oregon State Scrimmage

The question most of the 4-5,000 members of Beaver Nation who turned out for what turned out to be a sunny afternoon for their only look at Oregon State football during spring winter ball was who the starting quarterback will be. Based on who took the first reps, and the most reps with the starters against starters, it appears it will be JC transfer Jake Luton, even if head coach Gary Andersen and Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks coach Kevin McGiven don’t want to say so yet.

That same rotation suggests Marcus McMaryion, who started the latter part of last season, and was the most effective of the 3 who played, will be the backup, with Darrel Garretson third on the depth chart. Connor Blount is still the insurance policy, and Mason Moran is still a distant 5th.

Nothing that happened in the (nearly) Spring Scrimmage suggests otherwise.

All 3 posted relatively decent numbers, but the differences with Luton are differential. Despite being on the rebound from an illness that cost the 6’7″ Luton some 20 lbs. (has anyone around the Corvallis campus NOT had some malady this winter?), Luton has the ability to stretch the opposing defense.

That was on display early in the 2nd series (the first one went for a touchdown on the first play, more on that shortly) when Luton hit freshman Isiah Hodgins for a 37 yard completion, below.

Isaiah Hodgins

And it wasn’t a case of finding someone behind a backup defensive back who won’t be seen on the field in a contested contest; it was Dwayne Williams and Brandon Arnold, Oregon State’s best corner and safety. That set up a touchdown toss to Jordan Villamin.

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Oregon State Douses Civil War Losing Streak

Ryan Nall Wrecks Oregon

Oregon State ended their season in a wet but winning way Saturday in the 120th Civil War, coming from behind to beat Oregon 34-24. The win, and the weather that was a factor in the win, also doused an 8 game losing streak in the Civil War by the Beavers, avoiding what would have been the longest losing streak in the history of the war.

And they did it riding the “Wrecking Nall”. Sophomore RB Ryan Nall, who had a breakout performance in a losing effort in last year’s Civil War, took over the final third of the game, doing most of the work in turning a 10 point deficit into a 10 point win.

Nall had gotten Oregon State off to a good start, with the game’s first touchdown on a 12 yard run not 6 minutes into the game, but Oregon answered, with a 3 yard scoring run by Tony Brooks-James that capped a 10 play, 75 yard drive.

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Final Thoughts On The 120th Civil War

It’s going to be a wet, dreary day, not unlike a number of prior Civil War games in the series, and as has been the case more often than not, it will be the end of the season for Oregon State, and possibly Oregon as well.

Fortunately, the combination of 2 teams that are relatively on the same level, and both coming in off wins (the first time since 2009 that that’s happened) might mean a better Civil War than many of those dreary affairs. It’s a 3-point early line (in favor of Oregon, but at least it’s expected to be competitive to the end), and a sell-out, the first one since the Ducks were last here 2 years ago, making a stop-off on the road to the National Championship game. Even in the rain, this should look and feel like a Pac-12 College Football Rivalry game should.

Unfortunately, it will be the end of the season for us Beavers, no matter what happens. There will be no bowl of any kind for the third year in a row, and 5th time in 7 years. Considering that ~2/3 of all FBS teams make it to a bowl, and about ¾ of Power-5 teams, that means average would be going to 5 bowl games in 7 years. Instead, we will again have to settle for watching others have the fun. When you are coming off an evening as fun as last Saturday night was, the last thing you want to see is the season come to a close.

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Oregon State Makes Football Fun Again

Beavers Beat Down ‘Cats 42-17

Oregon State made football fun again Saturday night, rolling to a 42-17 win that was easily the Beavers best game of the Gary Andersen era. Everything has to be taken in context, and the win was over an overmatched Arizona team that has now lost 8 games in a row. The ‘Cats are no where near what they were as little as 2 years ago, whey they played in the Pac-12 Championship Game and the Fiesta Bowl.

But Saturday night’s Dad’s Night beat down was more about what the Beavers did right than what the ‘Cats couldn’t do.

For the first time, everyone saw what having a healthy Ryan Nall AND competent quarterbacking play AT THE SAME TIME looks like. Beaver fans liked it, and opposing defenses won’t.

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Final Thoughts On The Return Of The Cats

Tonight (late tonight), Oregon State takes on Arizona for this year’s Dad’s night game,which will also be the 300th OSU game played at Parker/Reser Stadium .

It will be cold, damp, dark, and generally miserable, especially for the desert dwelling Wildcats. It will be interesting to see if the ‘Cats even bother to try, and there’s history of them not under difficult circumstances, including as recently as last year in Seattle. In fairness, its impossible to prepare in Tucson for what football in November in the northwest can be like.

Further, Arizona is the one team in the conference that’s in even worse shape than Oregon State, as far as injuries, talent deficit, and lack of depth goes. It’s why the ‘Cats are also 2-8, the same sorry record that the Beavers have, and an even worse 0-7 in conference. And why the Beavers are 6 1/2 point favorites, the first time Oregon State has been favored in a Pac-12 game in the Gary Andersen era, or against any FCS squad not named San Jose State in years.

It’s also the first visit to Reser by the ‘Cats since 2011, when a 37-27 Beaver win set up Oregon State for a 3 win season (the same thing a win tonight could do), and led to the firing the first of the following week of Arizona coach Mike Stoops. Which led to the hiring of Rich Rodriguez, and bowl trips every year for the ‘Cats until this season’s injury induced collapse.

Unlike Stoops, Rodriguez won’t be fired should Oregon State win.

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Bruins Beat Beavers In Ugly Bowl

UCLA snapped their 4 game losing streak Saturday night with an ugly 38-24 win at the Rose Bowl over Oregon State, in a game that “featured” 21 accepted penalties, only some of which were bogus, 12 of which were on the Beavers, and a half dozen turnovers, 2 of which were pick-6s.

Oregon State fans fantasizing about pulling off the upset, never mind covering the game’s double digit spread, got their hopes up early, when Manase Hungalu scooped up Soso Jamabo’s fumble on the second play of the game, and took it back to the UCLA 4 yard line. 2 plays later, Artavis Pierce, making his first collegiate start in place of Ryan Nall, who was a pregame scratch, punched it in for a 7-0 lead not a minute and a half into the game.

Those hopes were quickly dashed, as UCLA proceeded to drive the field for a game tieing touchdown by Bolu Olorunfunmi, then capitalized on a Jordan Villamin fumble to take the lead on Jalen Starks’ score, and capped off the quarter by blocking a Nick Porebski punt, which Jordan Lasley took 53 yards the other way for another touchdown.

That made it 21-7 UCLA, and the Bruins kept the Beavers at arm’s length the rest of the way.

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Thoughts On Going To The Rose Bowl

Oregon State is going to the Rose Bowl tonight. Since the adoption of the Pac-12 9 game schedule rotation, it’s something every Northern Division school gets to do once in every 4 year schedule block.

Additional trips are possible, at least for schools not named Oregon State or California, though it was just 7 & 8 years ago that the Beavers were a play or two, never mind a game, away from earning an extra trip in back to back seasons.

So it’s a good opportunity to take advantage of, one at least some, and probably all, of the players won’t experience again, unless the increasing number of freshmen playing really do succeed in completely turning the program around.

At this point, getting a road win for the first time in over 2 years, in their last opportunity to do so for the season, would be a good place to start, and a better goal.

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Final Thoughts On Another Trip To The Farm

Trips to “The Farm”, which is what the Stanford campus is called, the University having been built on founder Leland Stanford’s farm, have been painful to the point of brutal for Beaver fans for nearly a decade, since the beginning of the Jim Harbaugh/David Shaw era.

It really shouldn’t be, as the rebuilt Stanford Stadium is one of the nicer stadiums in the conference (or would be if they would replace their bog of a field with a modern turf), on one of the most picturesque campuses in the country.

The weather today is going to be beautiful, in the 70’s and sunny, as is often the case. And it’s a day game, so the fact that they only put up about half the lights they should have during the rebuild is not an issue today.

Access and egress is a breeze, in total contrast to the berserk mess across the bay in Berkeley (which will probably discourage a fair number of OSU fans from doing the double, and catching the evening game between Washington and California.

But recent trips to Palo Alto have either been painful losses, including what turned out to be blowing a Rose Bowl trip in August, and giving away the game on an unforced fumble in 2012.

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Washington Upends Oregon State

Huskies Bring Beavers Back To Earth

After beating California and coming close against Utah the last 2 weeks, Oregon State was brought back down to earth by Washington Saturday afternoon, as the 5th ranked (and moving up) Huskies hammered the Beavers 41-17. It wasn’t that close.

In what is becoming an annual event, Oregon State went into the Washington game unprepared, either in terms of having a cohesive game plan, or any idea of what to do about what they were about to be faced with. Outcoached and outplayed, the Beavers were quickly blown out again.

Washington scored twice in less than 5 minutes, pushed the lead to 21-0 by the end of the first quarter, and 31-0 at halftime. Similar to the Boise State game, Oregon State rallied against an opponent who had taken their foot off the accelerator, and played Washington even in the 3rd quarter, when both teams posted 10 points, and even added a meaningless late touchdown, to lose by only 4 scores.

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